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Thread: Civilization V: Gods & Kings modding?

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    Civilization V: Gods & Kings modding?

    I have played Civilization V: Gods & Kings till some missions and I loved this game. The buildings and the units are excellently built. I have played the previous parts of this Civilization series. I think that this is one of the greatest games of all times. I think that developers must provide option to modify the game according to the user’s need. It will help to develop innovative things in the game environment to enhance the gaming experience. I have been playing Counter Strike for a long time and I have modded many things in that game. In counter Strike, I have created custom maps to custom costumes to match the environment. I think even Civilization must allow the players. What do other people think about this?

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    Re: Civilization V: Gods & Kings modding?

    If developers of Civilization V: Gods & Kings provide any option to have mods in this game, then I would first design some extra sounds. Do you remember Unreal Tournament where killing or achieving some bonus would trigger some voice like ‘Rampage, ‘Godlike’ depending on player’s actions? I think this game also deserves sounds like that. It would be fun to have sounds that will say ‘Victory’ or ‘Defeat, maybe give a sarcastic laughter when something bad happens to the player. Also many sounds in this game needs to be tweaked as they don’t sound impressive. I would like to record new sounds and replace them. This will be done only in case of the unit sounds as they seem to break improperly during the game.

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    Re: Civilization V: Gods & Kings modding?

    I think that it will be difficult to modify Civilization V: Gods & Kings as the game isn’t built on C/C++ framework. I tried to mod it, but couldn’t find write method to do it. I found out that there is little scope to do modding in this game by using Java framework, but again it is very difficult and will take a lot of time. Again modding done using Java has never satisfied me as it makes the model very heavy to render and use. Also no official announcement has been done on modding tool for Civilization V: Gods & Kings. I searched n internet for mods of this game but couldn’t find any. I think that almost every person must be trying to find some way to mod the objects in this game. I hope someone finds some way to mod Civilization V: Gods & Kings soon so that we can make some awesome stuff for this game.

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    Re: Civilization V: Gods & Kings modding?

    Civilization V: Gods & Kings shouldn’t have any mods. Mods spoil the actual uniqueness of the game as people tend to change some objects for fun and diminish the effect of the game. I saw one player had modified the characters of Counter Strike into characters of The Simpsons. It was looking so funny, I mean Bart Simpsons carrying gun and shooting. In another mod, the person had changed the guns to look like futuristic weapons. This gave an awkward look to the game. This is why I hate the game. Now if developers of Civilization V: Gods & Kings grant modifying rights, then you will see people modifying original objects into something funny. This might be funny for them but I think that it is irritating. Some people enhance the existing objects. Such mods are fine to play with.

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    Re: Civilization V: Gods & Kings modding?

    I have played Civilization V: Gods & Kings and I find that some buildings that are designed in this game are not proper according to its real version. I mean the buildings that can be built when having Islam and Hindu as religion. If I get modding tool, I’ll first bring the structure of these buildings as close to reality as possible. Also some buildings have strange colors that don’t match with the environment; they need to be dulled out. As far as fun factor is considered, I think that I will go for development of futuristic items in this game. Imagine civilization involving into sci-fi like kingdom with high raised silver towers and futuristic cars and robots. I think we need to have modding tools soon.

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