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Thread: Building style in Civilization V: Gods & Kings

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    Building style in Civilization V: Gods & Kings

    I have been playing Civilization series from a long time and I have played almost all the games in the series and I liked the buildings in this game. Since Civilization V: Gods & Kings will have many more religions; the buildings of the game will also change likewise. I wanted to know about the new buildings and their styles that will be seen in Civilization V: Gods & Kings. Can somebody tell me about it?

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    Re: Building style in Civilization V: Gods & Kings

    Yes, the style of buildings change according to religion that you adopt. The change in style also occurs as per the decisions you take in the game. Also different units are responsible for construction of certain types of buildings. For Example, manufactory is built by the engineer to increase tileís production. Similarly, academy is built by the scientists to increase income from tiles, monument is built by the artists to increase tileís culture income and citadel is built by the generals to increase tileís defense. I havenít played Civilization V: Gods & Kings much but from what I have played I can tell you that Austria, Sweden, Spain and Celts has European style of building, Carthage and Huns have Mediterranean style of building, Ethiopia has Middle Eastern type of buildings and Mayans have native American style of buildings.

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