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Thread: Will there be Steam version of End of Nations?

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    Will there be Steam version of End of Nations?

    I played End of Nations two days back and I loved the game. It is fun to play it and I have been playing it since last week. Many times it happens that I am travelling and I have no internet connection. Also I get bored when travelling and I need to play this game to play. Can someone tell me if there is an offline version of End of Nations that can be played and then the achievements and score will be uploaded on the gameís server? It would also be fun to play this game on LAN network. I think that developers should make this game available on STEAM or some other game portal. It would also earn them some money as this game is nice and I think many people will buy it. What do other people think about it?

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    Re: Will there be Steam version of End of Nations?

    I think that End of Nations should be kept free to play as it is of now. This will boost it and let it have more players. Also having it on Steam just to have feature of having single player mode is not practical. This will take a lot of time and resources from developerís side to develop a single player game for a game that is never meant to be played completely offline. Also if the game is made for single player, there will be need for more stronger and intelligent AI. If the developers can spend so much time and resources on development of single player game, then adding new features and units in the current game will be more practical. It will rather boost more profit than single player version of End of Nations.

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    Re: Will there be Steam version of End of Nations?

    If ever Single Player game of End of Nations is developed I donít think it will get many buyers. If someone wants to play a strategy game in single player mode, why will he ever play End of Nations? There are many other strategy games that have better gameplay and graphics than this game. The main plus point about End of Nations is that it gives good graphics being a browser based game and is free to play. Once it is launched on Steam, then it will need to have a price to buy. Once a person sees a price on it, I donít think anybody will buy. They would rather wait for some time to reach home and play it for free online on its website. Also if many people buy the Steam version of this game, just imagine thousands of people uploading their data on the servers from time to time. This will be tough for the developers to manage the servers and maintaining data dynamically would be preferred. So I think that End of Nations should be free to play browser based game.

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