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Thread: Bases in End of Nations

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    Bases in End of Nations

    I just started playing End of Nations and played some two battles. In both battles, I never found anything related to base building and expanding. I mean this is a strategy game and base building is important in such games. You have to build base to generate units, vehicles and other resources to defeat the opponent. Here the unit I would require would drop on a specific point and I had to directly play using them. I havenít played End of Nations after this so I donít know how the game changes as it advances. Can anyone who has played more than me tell me if there are bases in this game? How is the building system of the bases in this game?

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    Re: Bases in End of Nations

    Actually there are no bases in End of Nations. I know a strategy games that we have played all these years have the part where we have to build bases and expand it. Then we have to also defend the base as the enemy tries to destroy it and defeat us. But in this game, the developers wanted the player to directly enter the battle by skipping the part of building bases. In the games where base building is needed, the initial time of the gameplay is spent on developing the base and creating the units. So in a full fledge game, I spend around 20 to 30 minutes in base building. The developers have observed this and removed this part. Th8is will help the player to directly jump into the action and start attacking the enemy. Since there is no base to protect, there is also no part of defending in End of Nations. You just have to enter the war area, get your troops to the enemyís area and go attacking them till they end. This has been done to expand the fun part and not the slow paced development part.

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    Re: Bases in End of Nations

    I think that this is a great move done by the developers of the End of Nations. This will save a lot of time that was required for building the base and will help to focus only on defeating the enemy. I had played games like Command and Conquer: Generals in multiplayer mode with my friends. Actually the game would be fun. But before getting the fun, we would spend around half n hour just building the base and securing it against the enemy. But now in End of Nations, we directly start fighting and destroying each other. We can finish a single battle in mere 10 minutes without the basses.

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    Re: Bases in End of Nations

    According to me, base building is an important part of the base building and it adds a defensive part to the game. No war is just meant to be fought by just attacking. There is also defense and we need to protect ourselves to. I think that End of Nations should have had bases that we need to build and grow. Also the base building gives player another challenge. I mean, the player has to think about the placement of certain building depending on its importance. For example, a building which brings out tanks is more important than the building generating human soldiers as tanks provide better attack and defense. So the buildings of tanks will be needed to be placed inside the base rather than along the outside part. This challenging part has been removed and all that remains is just attacking the enemy. Many times the game also changes at last moment. For example, the opponent destroys playerís maximum units and thinks that he is almost lost. But in some other part of the base, the player has already built another base that will bring out more units to bring him in battle again.

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    Re: Bases in End of Nations

    Having bases means that developers would have needed to design more buildings and structures. The developers would have even done that but think about the bandwidth that would have needed to support the extra graphics. When a building would have been placed in the map, it would take some bandwidth to show it n the map. Again it would have some animations that would need some more amount of bandwidth. The animations for the building will include its construction, semi destructed and when getting destroyed. All this animations will take more bandwidth. The units like soldiers and tanks are temporarily on the screen, which is they keep dying and spawning again, but the buildings will be on the screen all the time. So if both the player builds a large number of buildings, then this game would become heavy and might not work on the low speed internet connection. I think this is why developers skipped this part and made no base building feature and activities available in End of Nations.

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    Re: Bases in End of Nations

    At present the number of units in End of Nations is very less, so it is fine to not have dedicated buildings. Also the game is new and is under development. I think that developers will add the buildings and the bases in coming days. I think that every player should have his permanent base that cannot be attacked. He will have to build small bases in other part of the games world. The areas in which his base will survive become his. This would be fun concept if developed.

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