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Thread: Krater game is SLI Enabled?

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    Krater game is SLI Enabled?

    I started playing Krater game yesterday and I have played for some two to three hours till now. I have a three monitor setup on my system and I usually play games using SLI to have game spread on all three screens. I loved Krater and especially because of its top down view on the environment. I think that playing such game on bigger screen will be more fun as more area will be covered and seen under the camera. I wanted to know if Krater game will be available to play in SLI mode. Can someone tell me about it?

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    Re: Krater game is SLI Enabled?

    Krater game is not available to play in SLI mode. It has 3D Vision feature available but the quality of the graphics in 3D is very bad. I think that SLI mode should be made available by default for strategy games or the games with top to bottom view. It will be great to see all the area around us. I think that developers of Krater should provide us with a patch that will enable SLI. Also the graphics of the game are good enough to be shown off on large screens. I have tried stretching the picture of the game across the screen by increasing the default resolution of the game through the configuration file. But this whole thing failed as the picture became pixilated. It just stretched the highest resolution textures and renders all across the screen. I had to play it again in the small screen.

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    Re: Krater game is SLI Enabled?

    I donít think that SLI for Krater will be useful. It wonít be of much use as enemies or characters that are usually out of characterís visibility range donít show any activity. Also rendering all the screen which is not of use will be wastage of resources. To render such a high resolution picture, the graphic card will concentrate most of the resource. This will deprive video memory to other processes that might need it. The developers Fatshark of Krater arenít the one with huge capital or manpower. They have o produce the game in low budget and in limited resources. Developing the settings for SLI needs more efforts and resources. Maybe Fatshark must not be capable of it, thus a normal game. Anyways, who likes this game shouldnít care about it not being available on SLI or any other fancy mode. They should play the game despite of its lack of some features.

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