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Thread: End of Nations is free to play game?

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    End of Nations is free to play game?

    Is it true that End of Nations is a free to play game offered by their game developers? I havent found any download links of the game which is making me mad, how the hell they are terming it as a freely available game. When I go to their site, I can only see that they offer beta of the game and it will be available after when we sign for it on their website, and it is also mentioned that the beta is still not available, so in both situations, I am not being able to find a proper source to play this game. Apart from this all things, when is it releasing worldwide, since no where End of Nations release date is mentioned, only written 2012, thats it? Either this game is a flop or maybe developers are running short of money to develop this game and release its final version.

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    Re: End of Nations is free to play game?

    Yes, it was declared by the Trion Worlds, developer and publisher of best-selling games interconnected, that its online game End of Nations which is real time strategy multiplayer game will be offered for free. Each player of End of Nations will have full access to the breathtaking dynamics of strategic combat in the game that will be offered, including a very large scale battles with over 50 players, a huge persistent world and customization options to the smallest unit to form a single army. All players will be able to play this game for free and they will also have the same access. This includes "Conquer the World" multiplayer mode that will be against 28 : 28, units, abilities, in other words, all game levels will be unlocked.

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    Re: End of Nations is free to play game?

    Even I have tested many games with such catagories that are free to play by subscribing on their sites. But I havent seen any developer who had released such a huge MMO type of game for free to play with a very huge size as well. But my question remains what does the free to play game means, how do the developers benefit from the game by distributing it for free. I wonder if they use the same policies like many online game on facebook uses, like playing the game for free, but if we want to build a field at a much faster rate then we have to purchase via its credits, so that we can be on top of the list in our friends circle or so?

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    Re: End of Nations is free to play game?

    Quote Originally Posted by adamaris View Post
    But my question remains what does the free to play game means, how do the developers benefit from the game by distributing it for free.
    Yes, they have mentioned in their faq's that Trion can make money on End of Nations by offering an in-game shop for users to purchase cosmetic and convenience items, as well as subscriptions for frequent shoppers. There are lots of additional items that can be bought with both in-game earned currency (End of Nations Wealth) and purchased currency (Trion Credits), but the game is not, and will never be “pay-to-win”. And for purchasing same you will be required to pay via the credit card. So, it seems they are using methods similar like facebook or any other online game, where we play the game for free, but when we are stuck in the game, then either we have to purchase items to move further or just wait for some time when the same items will be unlocked.

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