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Thread: End of Nations will release on MAC and Linux or not

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    End of Nations will release on MAC and Linux or not

    I am having two desktop systems at my home, both where running on Windows 7 and i usually use to play games on one of them. Few days ago, due to some official research work i required to remove W7 from both PCs and installed Snow Leopard and Linux on both PCs. Now as i heard about End of Nations (i love playing online strategy games) that is also a free game, i would like to experience it. But the problem is i dont have any Windows system as of now at my place. So i want to whether this game is going to be available for Linux or Mac OS Systems ? If yes, please let me know the system requirements as well.

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    Re: End of Nations will release on MAC and Linux or not

    Well it will be too early to comment anything on this because developers havenít announced anything about system requirements officially for End of Nations. It is yet being finalized.

    Hence am not sure if this will be released for Mac Os or linux. But most probably I doubt if it will get to these operating systems. Because now a days all games are made with good high end graphics and Mac OS or Linux are very less compatible with such graphics. Also if compared with Windows, Mac system use to be very costlier and hence less number of users. But developers need to spend the same amount on the game development. Than whats the need to spend equal cost for the less number of players on Mac. So most of the games wont get developed for these OS. But still lets wait and watch what the company needs to say about system requirements.

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    Re: End of Nations will release on MAC and Linux or not

    There is still enough time left for the game to be released. Hence the only thing we can do now is join the beta and remain updated with all info about the game. Even I am waiting to get the system configs so that I can make my pc compatible with End of Nations.

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