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Thread: Is Crafting hidden in Krater game?

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    Is Crafting hidden in Krater game?

    I have just downloaded the Krater from Steam and started playing it. When I read its description, it was mentioned that it is a RPG game. Every RPG game that I have played till date would have crafting abilities in it. These abilities would help us to create new weapons or upgrade useful items for fulfilling the quest. But after playing Krater for an hour, I realized that there are no possible crafting abilities or related option in this game. Or maybe the crafting part is hidden such that we have to unlock it by learning some skill. Maybe it is locked for now and will open in later stages. Can somebody tell me about crafting abilities in Krater?

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    Re: Is Crafting hidden in Krater game?

    There are crafting abilities in Krater and they are unlocked after few levels. I donít know which level you are on, but it will unlock after some initial three or four levels. The crafting of items in Krater is very easy and there is nothing complex involved in it. You will find some crafting points in the Krater marked with symbol of a wrench on the mini-map. You have to go at that place and can start crafting. The first thing that you need for crafting is a blueprint. The blueprint will have a list of items and materials that you need to find in the game. Once found, you can go to the crafting point and upgrade or create the item that the blueprint belongs to. The materials and items needed to craft an item can be looted by killing the enemies or scouting the map. Another way to get these items is by purchasing it from in game shops using in game currency.

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    Re: Is Crafting hidden in Krater game?

    The blueprints for crafting items can be found by right clicking on the inventory tab on the screen. Every blueprint is denoted by various colors. I havenít found many blueprints, but white labeled blueprints denote common items, green labeled blueprints denote uncommon items and blue labeled items are the rare items. On clicking the desired blueprint, it will reveal the material and the cost required to craft the item. If the material and cost is fulfilled, you will be able to craft it. A short description of that item will show which abilities it will enhance. For example, I just found a Suck Zapper which is a blue labeled blueprint. It enhances the intelligence of the character to make of range 8 to 12 and also enhances focus to make its value between 6 to 9. On crafting the item if creating something new, then the item created will appear in the inventory. If the item enhances character or any other weapon, then it will change the values of the designated items.

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