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Thread: Error 12 while log-in to diablo 3

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    Error 12 while log-in to diablo 3

    I got this game yesterday, installed the game successfully on my gaming pc but when i tried to connect, it gave me an error stating "This account does not have a Diablo III license attached to it. (Error 12)". Donít know what is the reason for this but this is irritating. Am just unable to log-in the game.

    Can anyone here help me out fixing this error ?

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    Re: Error 12 while log-in to diablo 3

    Same error with me as well. Am trying to fix it from last 2 days but yet no success. I have done everything that is possible such as changing password for battlenet, created battle tag but that is not helping me either.

    There is one thing that i think is causing the problem. Is it somehow related to the servers ?? I am asking this because I am at the Singapore South East Asia and trying to connect the US server region. Could this be the reason ?

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    Re: Error 12 while log-in to diablo 3

    Are you trying to log in on your own region of the game instead of your home region ? If yes, and you are still getting this error then try loggin in to your home region. If you are trying to get in to another region which is be outside of your home region, then it is bound that you will get Error 12.
    For selecting the country region
    1. Go to the login screen, and just click on Options
    2. Select the Account tab
    3. Choose the correct region in the Region drop-down box

    Hope this helps you to understand d

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