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Thread: How to play Dirt Showdown on Windows XP

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    How to play Dirt Showdown on Windows XP

    Why cant I am unable to play Dirt Showdown on my windows xp system. I have a decent computer with good video card that supports alan wake as well as similar type of high end games, then why only Dirt Showdown is not working. Everytime I launch it, I get an error message related to dx (directx probably) failing and I should reinstall it in order to play the game? I have already tried installing the latest directx on my system but still the error occurs when I click on the game exe file.

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    Re: How to play Dirt Showdown on Windows XP

    You are not able to play Dirt Showdown because it is no longer supported in Windows XP, if you want to play this game then you will have to install either Windows Vista or Windows 7, as this game supports DirectX 11 I guess, which is not supported in XP. You should have checked game's system requirement when you bought it:

    Minimum System Requirements
    1. Windows Vista / Windows 7
    2. 2 GB Ram
    3. AMD HD2000 Series / Nvidia 8000 Series
    4. Intel Pentium D @ 3.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 x2
    5. 15 GB Hard Drive Space
    6. DirectX 11
    7. DirectX Compatible Sound Card

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    Re: How to play Dirt Showdown on Windows XP

    When I checked on most of the sites, many have written that this game is supported in Windows XP, wonder if that is wrong or right information, but isnt there anyway to play dirt showdown on this operating system. Cant DirectX 11 be installed in XP? There needs to be a way around for this, approximately or more than 50% people around the globe are using Windows XP and I can bet on this, why couldnt game developers want to disappoint them, me being one.

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