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Thread: Is Max Payne 3 Steamworks game

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    Is Max Payne 3 Steamworks game

    I know that there are lots of games with Steamworks but am here to know about MP3. I wanted to play Max Payne 3 on my computer. before I go and purchase Max Payne 3, I wanted to know about the same. Also tell me if this particular game has support for Steam achievements? I tried to find out information about it but dint got any so far. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Is Max Payne 3 Steamworks game

    As far as I know Steam version of Max Payne 3 does support for Steam achievements. Apart from that there are some Steamworks features like friends, cloud saves, stats and matchmaking. Well I am looking to purchase Max Payne 3 Limited Edition since it provides great physical stuff.

    You can also utilize cloud save game functionality if any game has support for both Steamworks and cloud. I donít think Max Payne 3 would have support for Steamworks. However I am expecting that they would provide support for Rockstar Social Club.

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    Re: Is Max Payne 3 Steamworks game

    There are many games which are having support for steam. But that doesn't means that particular game would have support for steamworks as well. I would like to point out another point. There are some games which are having support for steamwork but it wont ask for Steam to use it. I know that its contradictory to points that I had mentioned about, but actually its true. I would like to tell you an example of it. Batman Arkham City supports for cloud saving but actually its not a steamworks game. There is no need to register with steam.

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    Re: Is Max Payne 3 Steamworks game

    RockStar has own way to manage DRM. So in my opinion there will not be any non-steamwork if you are looking to purchase retail version. I have seen lots of issues with DRM. Some companies are implementing the same and some are not able to implement them at all. Games titles which are developed from Ubisoft would need internet connections and customer service to play single-player mode. it will not help to avoid cheating in multiplayer mode. in fact it helps you to avoid second hand sales of the game and some other issues.

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