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Thread: What will be the Disciplines of Racers in DiRT Showdown

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    What will be the Disciplines of Racers in DiRT Showdown

    I just saw the trailer of DiRT Showdown and I was thrilled that after a long time, I will be able to play a game where main objective is to destroy the cars. But in the trailer, I saw that there were also many other types of races that didn’t focus on destruction and rather had race type of feel. Before I buy this game, I would like to know what the disciplines of this game are. Is it destruction based game or is it a racing game as previous parts of DiRT series. Can somebody provide me information about it?

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    Re: What will be the Disciplines for DiRT Showdown have ?

    DiRT Showdown is based on the three disciplines, which are, destruction derbies, traditional races, and gymkhana based events. The game and the races in it are base on the variation of these three disciplines and also the gameplay. The races based on discipline of destruction derby are the 8 ball, rampage, knockout Sumo and Hard Target.

    In 8 Ball race of DiRT Showdown, you will be set on a race track which is in shape of an 8. One will have to complete designated laps in it and to win, gain the top position. The best part of this race is that the track is designed such that there are multiple crossovers in it. Due to these crossovers, many times, the cars crash into each other causing a chain of destruction. In this race you will see a good amount of T-Bone crashes taking place. Rampage is another race in DiRT Showdown based on the discipline of destruction derby. Here, all the cars will be let open area where they have to crash into one another to destroy each other. The amount of damage one inflicts on the opponents gives points. The player with highest points is the winner. Another event based on destruction derby principle is the Sumo.

    This event is again similar to the rampage event. But the major difference is that the open area will be at a height. In order to win this event, the player will need to push his opponents down this high raised platform. Hard target is a race event that too will follow the discipline of the destruction derby. Here, the player will be marked as the target and other cars will try to destroy him. This event in DiRT Showdown is time based and you will need to survive till a specific amount of time. Every position will have a time limit. For example, to gain the sixth position, you might need to survive 1 minute and 32 seconds. Similarly, every position will have some time assigned. You need to survive till the time assigned to the first position.

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    Re: What will be the Disciplines for DiRT Showdown have ?

    There are four types of race events in DiRT Showdown based on the discipline of traditional racing. You must be well known to these game modes and there is nothing much new to it. The basic event is the Race-off. Here eight cars will race each other to the finishing point or will need to complete a set of laps. The racer coming first will be declared as the winner of this event. There is nothing much different except that you can destroy your opponents. The second event based on the principle of traditional racing ids the Lap attack. This is the normal time trial race where you have to reach the finishing point or need to complete a set of laps before the time runs out. Here in DiRT Showdown, you also have to preserve the health of your car as getting it destroyed will also lead to disqualification.

    Eliminator is also an race event available and is based on the traditional racing discipline. Here in this race, eight cars will race against each other. After every thirty seconds, the racer who is in the last position will be eliminated. The last racer standing will be declared as the winner. Another race event you will find in DiRT Showdown is the domination race. This too is similar to the race-off event. The only difference is that the racetrack will be divided into sectors. The position at which you are when you pass the sector will give you certain amount of points. The points are fixed for each position. You have to pass these sectors and earn as many points as you can. The racer with highest sum of points will be the winner.

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    Re: What will be the Disciplines for DiRT Showdown have ?

    In DiRT Showdown, there are also some race events based on the disciplines of Gymkhana. The first event that you will have to play is the Head to Head. Here you will play against only a single AI racer in the gymkhana tracks. Both the racers will be assigned two different tracks that will be same in distance and design. The first one to complete it will win. Both the racers won’t meet each other at any point and will be kept separated from each other. The track will include series of tricks that the player will need to perform. The second race based on the discipline of gymkhana is the Smash Hunter. Here you will be let alone on a race track. The race track will have many colored blocks, which include red, green, yellow and blue. Every color denotes the type of turn you need to take. You have to break these blocks along the track and also finish the race in time. The third type of race that will come under discipline of Gymkhana in DiRT Showdown is the Trick Rush.

    Here two or more players will be set on a race track filled with many obstacles. The obstacles will include lamp posts in middle of street, stationary vehicles and other such obstacles. In given time limit, one will have to perform tricks like donut, eight shaped drift or break the blocks to earn points. The second player will also have to perform tricks to earn points. The player with most points will win the event. One can chain the tricks to create combos which will multiply the points. The catch here is that both the players shouldn’t crash into one another. According to my personal opinion, Gymkhana based events are the most boring events in DiRT Showdown.

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