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Thread: DiRT Showdown track list

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    DiRT Showdown track list

    I played the DiRT Showdown demo version on my Playstation 3 and I really like the game. The track was awesome and it was the best part I liked. The tracks are designed such that even if tried hard, players are bound to crash among themselves and pile upon each other. I watched the trailers and some videos related to DiRT Showdown. But I couldnít get fair idea about the locations that will be in this game. Does anybody know anything about the race tracks that will be present in DiRT Showdown?

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    Re: DiRT Showdown track list

    The trailers and the videos available on internet which are related to DiRT Showdown show various types of tracks including a desert one, one with snow, an urban area and some other maps. The locations that will be available in DiRT Showdown where the racing tracks will be shown in are Colorado, Los Angeles, Baja, Nevada, Miami, Yokohama, Michigan, Tokyo, London (Battersea) and San Francisco. These regions are used to get the local atmosphere and terrain. For example, Colorado will be used to show a snowy terrain while Nevada will be useful to show a desert type of terrain will lot of sand. These regions will also be useful to show the distant environment. For example, races in Tokyo will have its out of arena environment filled with high raised skyscrapers and neon banners. There will be different racetracks for different events. What I mean to say is that in DiRT Showdown, Race Off, Eliminator and Domination races will have normal race tracks. But, events like 8 Ball will have different type of race track. Here in this race event, the track will be small and in shape of eight. This will increase the chances of cars meeting at intersection and crashing into each other.

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    Re: DiRT Showdown track list

    In recent times, many of the racing games that have released had a disappointing number of racing tracks. One such game is Need for Speed Run. Many games that I played had same racetrack in same place for many races. The only difference would come is that on one race, some different shortcut would be kept unlocked or maybe some extra tunnels would be made available. Many times I also noticed that in these games, if first race would take on a specific race track, then third race would again take place on same race track except for this time, the end point in first race would become starting point and vice versa. These games would a large number of cars to play with, but what is the use when we donít have enough tracks to drive them on. I hope that DiRT Showdown doesnít follow this pattern and make available a good amount of race tracks that too in variety. The games that I mentioned with large number of cars and less number of tracks also donít provide variety in cars. Most of the cars have similar performances. The only difference comes is the model of the cars. I am expecting that Codemasters will have a variety in tracks as well as cars in DiRT Showdown.

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