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Thread: Doubt on scoring method of Bejeweled

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    Doubt on scoring method of Bejeweled

    This simply bit annoying. I played the game and did not receive the score which I had expected. I had perform all the moves with maximum upgrades but still it is low on score. I started the game back again and still the same. Not able to understand what's going on here.

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    Re: Doubt on scoring method of Bejeweled

    This does not seems to be any issue. The scoring is common for all. One thing that can be a cause behind this is broken internet connectivity. Are you on wifi network. Check that you are getting maximum signal on that. The internet if breaking in between can cause many other issue. Check your browser and update your flash player if possible. If Bejeweled take lots of time to load then there are two things you can try. First check your internet by pinging a website and second switch to an older version of Firefox. Clear your browsing history and run the game back. Loading problem is coming, but scoring stuff depends on popcap.

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    Re: Doubt on scoring method of Bejeweled

    Check the game guide once and see what points are awarded on what upgrade. This can give you a satisfied answer. There are certain tips and guides on the web which provides answers on the same. You can earn from daily spin. Daily spin helps you to earn a amount of bonus by gaining extra coins. You can spin the same once every day to increase your score count. Here are some practice that I use while playing. Hope this can help you to earn a good score. Try to be fast. Here you should be able to find 3 similar gems as fast you can. But if you want to earn more then you will need to find atleast 5 similar gens. The faster you connect 3 gems the early you will receive bonus gems.

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