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Thread: D3 authenticator release for Diablo III

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    D3 authenticator release for Diablo III

    I was looking forward for the Diablo III to release and finally it is in my hand. At first users reported several problems regarding the download error. There seems to be problem with download servers from the publisher side. i didnít try to download it yet but I will download it soon once all the issue regarding the game download get solved. Till then I have to wait because I donít want to struggle at end and waste my internet data for unnecessary reason. Also I would like to have a D3 authenticator before I will really go for download. What do you say about it?

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    Re: D3 authenticator release for Diablo III

    As far as I know it is possible for you to use the Authenticator with Diablo as well as with other games. This most up-to-date design features the Diablo III key art. By this you can protect your Diablo account with industry leading account security. It has a Two-Factor authentication for a supplemental authentication. Whenever you try to long in using Authenticator, you will get a unique, one-time use password instead of a regular one. This will secure your account from malicious attacks such as keyloggers and Trojans. It is very simply to use and convenient in all way. I think that it is one of the highest amounts of security. I think that these Authenticators are already started shipping.

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    Re: D3 authenticator release for Diablo III

    Actually the Dial-in Authenticator is an optional tool and you donít get it with a game. You have to purchase it later. The main intention of this authenticator is it provides an additional layer of security which will help you to block any kind of unauthorized account access. So you donít need to worry about the malicious attacks and all other things to your account. Dual layer security or authentication is capable to protect your account very efficiently. I would really look forward to get one.

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