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Thread: Operating system outdated error while installing Diablo III

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    Operating system outdated error while installing Diablo III

    Downloaded this Diablo III game and now while trying to install this game nothing seems to be working. I have put on all my afforts but nothing worked till now, please help me out with the installation process of this game. All the time I try to install it onto my system I get an error message. The problem is that the error nowhere seems to be true. It says “operating system is outdated”. I am sure there is nothing wrong with my machine as far as I know but then what could be the reason for such errors. Most importantly this error occurs only while installing Diablo III and nothing else. Just for some clearance I did tried to install few other game and as expected they all were installed the best way without creating any sort of issue. Might be there is something wrong with this game or else I am committing some mistake during the installation process. Guys I need your help, please let me know where exactly I am wrong and if I am not wrong then why is this game not being installed properly into my system. is there any clashes between windows Vista and Diablo III. Sorry for the information, I am running Windows Vista into my machine.

    Searched everywhere about this problem but didn’t find even a single similar discussion or doubt being asked on internet neither I was successfully able to find an appropriate solution for the same. I am hopeless now, but I need to however get this game installed into my Vista system without losing anything. If removing Vista is what you are going to suggest then I might better leave this place. Friends do suggest me with something else that could be more reliable and productive for me without affecting my existing things. Expecting a lot from you all.

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    Re: Operating system outdated error while installing Diablo III

    First of all let me tell you, if you are thinking that the issue is only with the Vista system then you are completely mistaken. Its not just Windows vista that is having this problem, in fact all the windows system is facing the much similar issue. I would show you my own close friends are unable to install Diablo III into their different Windows system. Few of them own Windows 7 running into their machine and getting this problem whereas other is having Windows XP installed and are at the same negative side. Overall I just wanted to say that there is nothing wrong with your Vista system as the case is same with all other windows users. Thereís just a minor changes that you need to do into your game and rest everything is fine. Just follow the steps and do as mentioned below, surely you will get rid of this installation error.

    The first and the fore most things that you need to do is right click on the Launcher exe. Then click on the Properties option, once you click on it you might get windows where you will find certain tabs. Now make sure that you get into the Compatibility Tab, into that tab you might get an option called Run as Administrator. Just check that option box, after you do that thing now check the box that would say Run in Compatibility Mode. You are supposed to use the drop down box in order to search and select Windows XP Service Pack 3. Once you are done with everything Apply the changes and then Click OK or what so ever option you get for the confirmation. After doing all these changes now go with a normal Launcher exe execution. Now you will be able to install Diablo 3.

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    Re: Operating system outdated error while installing Diablo III

    There are certain things that I need to share with all you guys especially if you are a Windows 7 user. Even I was one among those users who was facing the same problem and was in search for a proper solution. If you are thinking that this solution might work for all the windows users then my friend let me tell you that you have totally mistaken it. Few things to be noted down if you are a windows 7 user. Make sure that you go to the following path in order to search for the launcher, the path is: C:\ProgramData\\Client. Now the thing is that my above friend has gained lots of appreciation by letting us know the suitable option for getting rid of this trouble but he certainly failed to specify the path for different Windows system users. I guess you didnít notice that for different windows OS the path for the launcher is different or might be I have mistaken the things.

    The reason I took this point is because while perform the same operation I was stuck with the first step itself. I do have a windows 7 machine and even I was facing the same installation issue. But then when I was suggested with these same steps I was not even able to get the launcher into my system. Then later on I realize that within my machine the launcher exe was at some other location and not at the suggested place.

    However rest everything is fine, the steps are as according to original instructions so you need not have worry about it. No matter which windows OS you are running it works for all and the steps are all same for them. I have tried and it worked for me very well. Try it out.

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    Re: Operating system outdated error while installing Diablo III

    Thanks for such beautiful suggestion my friends but it seems like nothing is working in my case. Are you sure, for windows 7 operators, only the launcher exe. Location is different and not the steps. I have strong feeling that the steps that have been posted above are only for the windows Vista user and not for the other Windows OS as its not at all working for my Windows 7 system. I am really very much worried now. Even I am having the same issue along with few of my friends but the worst thing is that they all have got their problem fixed with the help of this same solution but unfortunately I am still behind facing this problem. When searched, found that all my friends who were having this problem were running Windows Vista into them and therefore got the problem fixed but I am not amongst them, I am actually running windows 7 into my machine and I am sure this is what the main reason for the provided solutionís failure in it. Now please help me out and provide me a proper solution for the problem considering my systemís compatibility, I am running windows 7 x64 Ultimate and not to worry, I will surely share out my experience and trouble with the provided solution.

    Actually thereís no issue while performing the steps (other than searching for the launcher exe, which I got after reading out the above post), in fact I while following the procedure I managed to reach till the compatibility Tab but donít now for what reason I wasnít able to change my compatibility mode. Let me explain everything clearly, when I clicked on Properties and entered the Compatibility I found that the option for selecting the Compatibility Mode ("Run this program in compatibility mode for :") has been already checked but alongside it is also grayed out. donít know for what reason it is running compatibility only for Vista and grayed out completely, letting me with no option but just to keep quiet and face the trouble. Please help me out friends, I am a really lover of this game and wanted to play it on my system, everythingís on you now.

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    Re: Operating system outdated error while installing Diablo III

    Look, I am sure whether I will be able to help you clearly but I would really like to tell you something. I am not a technical person or someone who are damn genius with all computer hardware and software activities. Once upon a time even I use to face this much similar problem installing Diablo III into my Windows 7 Home Premium with SP1. Now interestingly you must be happier to hear that I successfully did install it into this same Windows 7 system even after facing such huge issues and problem. What I actually did was ran an installer as Administrator, trust me there was nothing else from my side to be done other than clicking on the appropriate option for proceeding the installation process.

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