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Thread: Please provide Units list available in Naval War: Arctic Circle

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    Please provide Units list available in Naval War: Arctic Circle

    I have finished playing single player campaign of Naval War: Arctic Circle yesterday and I am thinking of playing the multiplayer mode of the game with my friend. I know that in the multiplayer mode, the game will not be same as than in single player mode. I will not be playing against some AI, instead I will be playing against some real person who can think of his own ideas, change decisions according to my actions and might change the game in ways never imagined.

    For such situations, I will need to be prepared and for that I am starting with getting acquainted with every type of unit provided in this game. Can someone provide me the names of units that are available in this game so that I can refresh my knowledge on them and get ready to play Naval War: Arctic Circle in multiplayer mode?

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    Re: Please provide Units list available in Naval War: Arctic Circle

    user name: DougWison
    It is really fun to play Naval War: Arctic Circle in multiplayer mode as it provides tougher and better challenges than that it provides in single player campaign. The strategy can change any time and you can never expect what will come next. When I play in multiplayer mode, I prefer using Surface Ships and s to attack the enemy. I am well acquainted with all the surface ships and s in Naval War: Arctic Circle and I can tell you names of all of them.

    In Naval War: Arctic Circle, the Surface Ships that are available are,
    • Arleigh Burke
    • CG Ticonderoga
    • Admiral Gorshkov
    • Steregushchiy
    • Hamina
    • Visby
    • Skjold
    • Fridtjof Nansen
    • Type 23 Frigate
    • ype 45 Destroyer
    • Iver Huitfeldt
    • Absalon
    • Sachsen
    • Baden-Württemberg
    • Brandenburg
    • Halifax
    • Gawron
    • De Zeven Provinciën
    • Kirov
    • Mistral
    • Slava
    • Nimitz
    • Wasp
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Admiral Kuznetsov
    • Udaloy II
    • Udaloy I
    • Project 206MR Vikhr

    The Submarines that are available in Naval War: Arctic Circle are,
    • Ula
    • Virginia
    • Ohio
    • Astute
    • Shchuka-B
    • Yasen
    • Lada
    • Type 212
    • Gotland

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    Re: Please provide Units list available in Naval War: Arctic Circle

    When playing online with my friends, I like to play in a defensive manner. I deploy some land defenses and some helicopters to achieve a defensive stance. When I have a stable defense, I start bringing out offensive units. Being a defensive player, I can tell you names of all the helicopters and Land installations in Naval War: Arctic Circle. The Helicopters that you will find in this game are Camcopter S-100, NH90 NFH, AW101 HM2, AW159 Lynx Wildcat, SH-60B Seahawk and Kamov Ka-27. The units that can be installed on land that I use for defending are MIM-23 Hawk SAM, NASAMS 2 SAM, RBS 23 SAM, Rapier 2, S-400 Triumf, TOR SAM, Sentinel Radar, TOR Radar and Giraffe Radar. You can do some research about how they attack and how good are they against opponents unit of other class and type to achieve the best result from them.

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    Re: Please provide Units list available in Naval War: Arctic Circle

    The game is incomplete without the use of aircrafts, they provide a good attack as well as can be used as defensive units. You can use them to battle at long range as well as short range. I say that you should rely on them more than the land installations and submarines as they provide a good and effective combat against all type of opponents. When you are using aircrafts, all you need is good planning and you can defeat most experienced opponents single handedly. Here are the names of all the aircrafts that are included in Naval War:

    • F-22 FixedwingAircraft
    • F-35A FixedwingAircraft
    • F-35B FixedwingAircraft
    • F-35C FixedwingAircraft
    • F/A-18 Super Hornet FixedwingAircraft
    • B1 Lancer FixedwingAircraft
    • Tupolev Tu-22M3 FixedwingAircraft
    • Tupolev Tu-95 FixedwingAircraft
    • Tupolev Tu-160 FixedwingAircraft
    • Boeing 767 FixedwingAircraft
    • RBS 23 SAM LandInstallation
    • Rapier 2 LandInstallation
    • S-400 Triumf LandInstallation
    • TOR SAM LandInstallation
    • Sentinel Radar LandInstallation
    • TOR Radar LandInstallationAdmiral Gorshkov SurfaceShip
    • Steregushchiy SurfaceShip
    • Hamina SurfaceShip
    • Visby SurfaceShip
    • Skjold SurfaceShip
    • Fridtjof Nansen SurfaceShip
    • Eurofighter Typhoon FixedwingAircraft
    • JAS 39 Gripen FixedwingAircraft
    • MiG-29K FixedwingAircraft
    • Su-27SM FixedwingAircraft
    • Su-35 FixedwingAircraft

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    Re: Please provide Units list available in Naval War: Arctic Circle

    If you are new to the multiplayer mode of Naval War: Arctic Circle then I suggest that you play using all kinds of units. If you stereotype yourself as only attacking player or defending player or most probably a player who uses only specific type of units, then it might create problem on long run. You might succeed to win against the new players who don’t have much experience of online gaming of Naval War: Arctic Circle, but if you encounter some regular person who has played many games he won’t be affected by it and might easily break your strategy and defeat you.

    So practice as an all rounder and then decide yourself which type of game style suits you. Another disadvantage of stereotyping yourself, then you will not how the other side works. For example, you decide to focus to become a defensive player and might concentrate on defensive game style, then you might fail to gain knowledge about attacking units. So even if you develop a strong defense, you won’t know which defensive unit is weak against which attacking unit. This will make you vulnerable when fighting against a good opponent.

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