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Thread: Does not like new rewards in Bejeweled Blitz game

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    Does not like new rewards in Bejeweled Blitz game

    Hello friends, I think that most of the users will be agreeing with me. Such that the new rewards which are being added are not at all worth to have them, I am wishing that we get the option to go back to previous version of game. It is very much annoying that you are continuously getting the messaging which is saying that you have won blazing steed or cat's eye or some other rare gem and if you are going for that then you need to pay for those and most of the time all the users pay for that so that they can win it. I feel that it is not at good and if I go for it then I do not think that XP is adding to the account also. When I am keep on getting this pop-up then I feel that I am playing some Zynga game, it seems that PopCaps is doing same thing like the Zynga. Does anyone know how to avoid these messages? What you people have to say about it? Thank you.

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    Re: Does not like new rewards in Bejeweled Blitz game

    I will be not agree with you such that it is being much fun with all those, I do not mind to pay for those rare gems, such that if I paying for those gems then I am able to get higher scores and also able to complete the keystone. It is upon the players who are taking those rewards, such that some of them think it is not at all worth whereas some of them are thinking that it is very much useful for them. I do not think that there is anything when those pop-ups are being added to have advantage of the game. I believe that you are getting upset that those rewards are not being available for free, such that cannot harvest for free. I would suggest that you complete of the keystone faster than you will be getting one of the rare gems for free, I have done and harvest it. It was luck or I was fast to complete those keystones, other than that there was nothing I have done for it.

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    Re: Does not like new rewards in Bejeweled Blitz game

    I would like to add here that rewards which are being available are listed in different stages, such that it is listed as Easy, Medium and Difficult. One thing which I have not understand till now that how they have added the "Gain Blazing Speed" keystone in the medium one when you compare with the other keystone, such that getting a 20 star gems, I think that gaining a blazing speed is very much difficult, it should be added to difficult section. They have added the rewards just randomly to any of the section due to which users are finding it tough to complete those. whereas I have tried to complete the blazing speed keystone, not even a single time I was not able to gain it for single time, such that whenever I was trying then I was able to get it to half stage after do some wrong move mess it up totally which was very much irritating for me. I would agree on that point that getting the opportunity to get a steed or whatever, if it is rewards then it should be available for half price, not pay full and call it a reward.

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    Re: Does not like new rewards in Bejeweled Blitz game

    However, the developers of PopCap carefully treat their players. They nurtured them and encouraged in every possible way to new exploits. After losing, you immediately know which awards earned. In Bejeweled 3, scored 100,000 points in a single mode - keep the icon. Scored 200 in the other - is another. Over the course of a record number of points earned - again cup your breasts! In parallel, the total count of points you earn, and the result is reduced to the Table of Ranks. Yesterday you were a "newbie", but now - "Journeyman." A total of 131 ranked games, but that rose to the Elder Bejeweling, does not have to spend one week.

    Regardless of whether you like the heat of the game or you prefer a relaxed pastime, you will find the appropriate mode in Bejeweled 3. The most dynamic - Ice Storm and Lightning. At its core, mode of Lightning - the spiritual successor to the popular Facebook-fun Bejeweled Blitz: one minute you try to score as many points, to think no time to act. From time to time in the "mine" includes diamonds labeled "plus 5 seconds" or "plus 10 seconds." They need to pick up (in the sense that attach to them comrades of the same color) in the first place. And time is in the Lightning - everything. Over one and a half or two minutes that lasts round, except that the adrenaline is flowing from the nose does not start.

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