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Thread: Cannot save game in Risen 2: Dark Waters, auto saves donít work

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    Cannot save game in Risen 2: Dark Waters, auto saves donít work

    I recently purchased the game and it was playing fine earlier, but however, it came to my notice that I am not able to save the game. I tried with different methods to save i.e through menu but all in vain. It also came into my concern that all my auto saves were not working either. So can you specify exact reason for this . thanks.

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    Re: Cannot save game in Risen 2: Dark Waters, auto saves donít work

    If you are currently using Vista and Windows 7, the saved games are in %userprofile%\Saved Games\Risen 2 and that for windows XP, you will be having that in %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Risen \SaveGames

    you need to quicksave and autosave each time create a latest file. This makes it simple to go back to a earlier point in the game if essential but I would like to tell you that you need to save often and in different slots. though, it takes disk space , after you have completed your game, consider removing the files. Compressing the files will really decrease the required space . as well keep an eye on the left over disk space since if no more disk space, the game are not saved and there is no error message. If disk space is an matter, make a copy of the files in another place earlier than deleting them. Not my favorite, but you are also able to turn off the autosave characteristic by editing the C:\Program Files (x86)\Risen 2\data\ini\ConfigDefault.xml , locating the Autosave line and then making some modifications with its value to "false". So it can be solved by this means.

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    Re: Cannot save game in Risen 2: Dark Waters, auto saves donít work

    If you are concerned to save files not created or you are not able to save the game , here is what I will provide you with. So it appears that you may be having an corrupt file and you can correct the file manually, without replacement. So al you need to do is open the original and make the modifications.


    and you need to change it to:

    This will tend to saves you redirect a folder from my profile in the game folder. You then need to run the game after you have made specific changes and then start a new game and make the saves. The game will tend to generate a folder something like this "...\risen 2\SaveGames" and will store there a new save game. You need to create a folder "...\risen 2\savegames " and copy there the old saved games If you previously have a few saves. If the problem exists , you need to make some attempts to run the game as administrator by right clicking and then running it as administrator. If you are running Windows 7, the executable is in ...\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\risen2\system\risen2

    the saved games for all user profiles on your system will be shared after you have made all the fixing.

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