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Thread: I want to quit playing Bejeweled Blitz

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    I want to quit playing Bejeweled Blitz

    I am really having trouble with Bejeweled Blitz, Can't get my spin and every time one of the awards shows up, it slows way down, been doing this while the latest stuff was included, have to keep refreshing page, although still slows down..i Don't want to use my coins for the reason that game is too slow .I win all the awards on the bottom of the game, gems etc. then when I go to the message board to retrieve my reward I click on it and it disappears and then I go back and check my total and it never adds the award. Whatís the use of having these if you cannot claim them? I could have some nice coins to play with if I could collect even some of these. I just irritated by this game and I think these issue all need to fix and so that I can play this game without any issue.

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    Re: I want to quit playing Bejeweled Blitz

    I used to love this game and played all the time but you devs ruined it by adding all of this extra mumbo jumbo. The mystery treasures in my message center all say they are from "unknown" and when I try to collect them, it doesn't tell me how many coins in the treasure and does not add coins to my account. Earlier in the day, I saw those treasures in my message center and saw who they were from, but I did not collect them at that time. Now they are not working. I am getting very tired of wasting my 75,000 points on a phoenix getting a new high score then having to refresh the game, out 75,000 points not new high score so on and so on. Don't remember how many times this has happened to me. I think devs should solve this issue other they will lose all usersÖ

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    Re: I want to quit playing Bejeweled Blitz

    i always loved playing this game but since it tainted hands i have a tough time getting on the game constantly freezes up or the internet discontinue working. Along with this recently I have found my gems wonít move, the game canít go fast and when I buy my power ups I get charged for them but the game isnít letting me use them while I am attempting to get the gems to move. I would like to know why I am not getting my rewards for the new gem rewards at the bottom of the game. I have earned almost certainly 500,000 or extra and have not received the coins while I am there the reward center and try to gather. Anyone else faced this issue, please comment here.

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    Re: I want to quit playing Bejeweled Blitz

    Even I am facing this issue and I fed up by this game. All my rewards have disappeared from my message centre. All my bonus coins have gone. None of my new keystone rewards are arriving in my message centre. Nothing appearing in my message centre. No XP or coin rewards. Mystery treasure from my friends never arrived. Not getting any rewards in my message centre and stuck on destroy 70 blue gems. Each time i complete, it resets again. Seems I`m not the only one. Please hurry and sort it out devs. Even I have contact with the support but they have not replied yet.

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    Re: I want to quit playing Bejeweled Blitz

    I do not like Bejeweled right now. One day I had +300,000 coins and several unused rare gems in my Message Center and the next day when I logged in I had 150,000 coins, no messages, a screen that comes up every time re tutorial and cannot turn the volume off. So I clicked to get a free blazing steed. It took me right to the page and my message board. I clicked on accept. It took 4 clicks before I got anything, then it "opened" the game and immediately froze up with the game half loaded. When the gems finally came down the game wouldn't play. I never saw the blazing steed but it gave me a score of about 7,000.

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