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Thread: Blades of Time: Schoolgirl/Summer costumes, profile.blk

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    Blades of Time: Schoolgirl/Summer costumes, profile.blk

    Has anyone unlocked these new costumes yet? If so, what was the requirement to do so?

    Also, is there a cheat/hack to activate these costumes? I tried typing the costume "summer_costume" into the "profile.blk" file (AppData/Local/BladesOfTime; seems to hold the general inventory, including costumes, like "skyguard_costume"), but it doesn't register during the game. Trying to overwrite costume files in the game folder doesn't seem to work, either.

    I 100%'ed the game on XBox, but I'm currently swamped and won't be able to play the PC version for a bit...otherwise, I'd explore this myself.

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    Re: Blades of Time: Schoolgirl/Summer costumes, profile.blk

    I can’t tell you about the Xbox 360 version of Blades of Time and as well as that on Playstation 3 as I play the game on PC. In the PC version in the system folders of the game, there is a folder by name ‘texpack’ which contain all the groups and files for the costume for the character of this game. You can find that folder by running a search in the folder of the game. I have unlocked three costumes in this game and the fourth costume that she wears by default, which makes it four costumes. I referred many websites on internet to find any possible way to unlock this costume by playing the game.
    I have also tried renaming the schoolgirl costume as dragon costume so that when the game searches for the default costume, it will automatically load the locked schoolgirl; costume, but this method failed. The game would start and would play the cut scene in the beginning, but then it would fail to load. I think there must be some way to unlock the school girl costume by playing the game on different difficulty levels or must be some secret way to unlock it. I am currently searching for some secret passage or some secret mission that I must have missed which will unlock the costume.

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    Re: Blades of Time: Schoolgirl/Summer costumes, profile.blk


    Thanks for your reply!

    Yes, I was talking about the PC version, although I have played the 360 one, too. I tried the same thing you did with overwriting costume files, but got the same results.

    I was also talking about something you might be unaware of, which is the AppData/Local/BladesOfTime folder in your user profile folder on Windows. There are game files in there than you can edit via text, namely "profile.blk", which contains inventory, and "save.blk" (your save). I tried adding "summer_costume" to the profile.blk, but, again, same result as you.

    You said you unlocked *three*? So, including the base, that means you have four overall? Which costumes do you have? It seems you've unlocked an extra, if you say you have four overall, since you only get three overall in the story.

    I've been looking for any info anywhere on all of this, too, so, let's keep each other posted.

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