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Thread: Extras available in Blades of Time

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    Extras available in Blades of Time

    I have heard that blades of time supposed to get some extra things with the game package. It could be either in Console version, PC version or Mac version, the game supposed to release with some extraís like wallpapers, MP3 soundtrack and a PDF art book but I can't find them. I have looked all over the package and game CD but I didnít see anything other than the game files. Why they are missing here?

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    Re: Extras available in Blades of Time

    As far as I know that there is a "Limited Edition", for console version which has some benefits over the PC version with additional content. I think that you may get things like Mission Addon "The Dsimal Swamp. Here all the bonuses at a glance:
    • A copy of the full game
    • Mission Addon "The Dismal Swamp"
    • Map "Sky Islands" for the outbreak mode
    • Artbook in the download format
    • HD Wallpapers
    • Original Soundtrack

    You should also get additional content related to "Blades of Time". Expansions, packs, downloadable content, groups, clans and users interested in this game, as well as other alternatives in the same style.

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    Re: Extras available in Blades of Time

    There is also a special edition in which a few extras are included; the buyer may look forward to.
    • Missions add-on: "The Dismal Swamp"
    • Additional card: "Sky Islands" for the outbreak mode
    • Downloadable artbook
    • Wallpaper in HD
    • Original Soundtrack

    The published by Konami on 15 Titelist March for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 appeared on the market. For the PC it is from the 18th April the Limited Edition and the aforementioned additional content type. Ye can already pre-order the package via Steam.

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    Re: Extras available in Blades of Time

    Developer Gaijin Entertainment and publisher Iceberg Interactive released the pack shots of the PC - and Mac editions of Blades of Time. The regular edition is the same as for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but the limited edition will only appear for PC and Mac. Because users of these platforms have to wait longer than their console friends, the developer for a lot of extras provided. So this edition includes the exclusive Sky islands folder for the Outbreak mode, a book of artwork, the original soundtrack and a collection of desktops in high resolution. On top of that you get when you purchase the DLC Dismal Swamp, which you adventure heroine Michelle follows. Together with her mentor Zero and a small unit Skyguards she travels to the Temple of Dragons to the creatures of Chaos to beat. All this she does with only one goal: main character Ayumi deter join the Keeper of Chaos to add.

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    Re: Extras available in Blades of Time

    Blades of Time is a spectacular arcade action in the third person view (shoulder), a sort of cross between titles like God of War or Devil May Cry , with a combat system as managed, mixing fights, weapons and magic . Your character in Blades of Time is Ayumi, a wild bounty hunter who seeks his place in the dangerous land of Dragonland, a series of isolated islands in the world, eons ago conquered by the beasts of Chaos, which will take place throughout the history of Blades of Time . And watch this, because the argument of Blades of Time is not only very interesting, but you have to take an active part in its development for several moments of Blades of Time. During this trip you will gain new powers to help defeat enemies Ayumi, and overcome all obstacles that await you on your way, improving your skills for fight with ever more powerful enemies. And this amazing journey begins right here in the demo download Blades of Time that we offer!

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