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Thread: How to remove “GO!" graphics from Bejewelled BLITZ game.

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    How to remove “GO!" graphics from Bejewelled BLITZ game.

    I like to play some facebook games and Bejewelled BLITZ is among them. I played previously slingo which was really good when I played it first time, but I got bored with this game and then started with this one which I have been playing from several years ago. I have been constantly playing this game but what I found annoying was the “go” graphics which keeps on appearing in front of screen and it really distracts users playing this game. As we need to focus n special gems to eliminate them , it is really important that this graphics don’t come in our way and distract our concentration. I really don’t like this feature and hate developers to insert such a worst graphics. So are there any means in which you are able to get rid of this graphics. If so please tell some means.

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    Re: How to remove “GO!" graphics from Bejewelled BLITZ game.

    Yes, I am of the same opinion as this graphics don’t play an important role and it seems that their intention is only to please users with some words like “good “ "excellent", "fantastic" and so on. As this can be good for users who are playing for the first time as this words will boost their confidence and allow them to play further. So I can just say that its main intention of developers inserting this in game is to allow users to play further rather than quitting this game.

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    Re: How to remove “GO!" graphics from Bejewelled BLITZ game.

    The reason why this graphics is inserted is because it appears that the game doesn’t tend to register with some of last moves at the end of the game. So that is relating with it. When we play first moves, it has seen that screen tends to be obscured so I usually have some last moves than the first ones.

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