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Thread: The Walking Dead Game: Steam Version vs. Telltale Version

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    The Walking Dead Game: Steam Version vs. Telltale Version

    I am looking forward to play the game The Walking Dead on my computer but I am confused between choosing 2 versions: Steam and Telltale. I donít know whether they are same or not but many users reporting different kind of experiences with both version. So it is difficult to choose the right version for me. I have played several games over steam and I really like them. I would like to get complete information regarding the difference of both versions. Please someone suggest me.

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    Re: The Walking Dead Game: Steam Version vs. Telltale Version

    I donít think that there is any kind of difference between 2 version games. In face both are same but just the logging methods are different. It may be that I missed so one way or another allusion / reference, but the game is understandable for newcomers 100%. The story starts at zero, all characters are introduced, etc. Telltale has made a game that even without a comic book or TV series stands on its own. The game even explains the way some events from the reserve. The story is completely independent of the comic book / series. But cool characters meet again in the series.

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    Re: The Walking Dead Game: Steam Version vs. Telltale Version

    Have you downloaded and enjoyed the first chapter of The Walking Dead: The Game? After the jump, along with a new video, you can discover how to solve some problems of version PC / Mac, as well as in some countries the game was classified. Telltale has released a patch to fix some annoying audio compression problems that affect PC and Mac versions of The Walking Dead: the Steam version should automatically download and apply the patch, but if you bought the game directly from TellTale site, you must download and reinstall everything. It is expected that the video game based on Walking Dead may be submitted for approval on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this week, in a process that usually takes about six weeks, so the game could go then.

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    Re: The Walking Dead Game: Steam Version vs. Telltale Version

    The Walking Dead is an adventure game based on comic books, not on the TV series. Developer Telltale released that the game multiple platforms in the digital stores. As far as I know, those 2 versions are almost identical and so far I am able to find only few differences...
    • However if you are looking forward to buy Telltale version, it needs your username and password to unlock the game otherwise it will not allow you to play the game in any manner but the DRM for the Steam version is...being on Steam
    • You will get achievements in Steam version
    • A small part of profits from the Steam version goes to Valve.

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    Re: The Walking Dead Game: Steam Version vs. Telltale Version

    Typical of the entire game TellTale Games appears in the episode format. The Season Pass will cost with all five episodes on Steam A total of five episodes are planned and will appear in the following order:
    • Episode 1 - A New Day
    • Episode 2 - Starved for Help
    • Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead
    • Episode 4 - Around Every Corner
    • Episode 5 - No Time Left

    All episodes are to appear in English. Whether there will be a German localization is still uncertain.

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