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Thread: Most emotional scene in The Walking Dead

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    Most emotional scene in The Walking Dead

    as the title of this particular thread saying what I wanted to ask you over here. Well The Walking Dead seems to be pretty emotional game. I have concluded that same after competing first episode of the game. Let me know if you have noticed any emotional moment while playing The Walking Dead. I am waiting for your prompt replies on this particular matter. thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Most emotional scene in The Walking Dead

    I felt very emotional with all the scenario of Clementine. The talk happening into back office seems to be really moving. You will not be able to help cute little orphan girl. It was really difficult thing to tolerate. I also tried to reply the same with Ep by using mean version of Lee. But I was not able to bring myself to mean to her. I was never expected that a video game would make to act bandaging the finger of little girl.
    Apart from above I am not able to say which part of the game affect most. Also answering machine message from Clementine's mom seems to be heartbreaking. I really wanted to appreciate voice actress about the same.

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    Re: Most emotional scene in The Walking Dead

    There was good communication happening between Clem and Lee.i noticed that awkwardness that Lee felt and reaction of Clem were really amusing and touching. I think he was trying to connect with little girl. I played the game for 3 times and every time I got totally different feelings. Also it was making the game style totally different. I really liked Clementine as character. There are very less game which are available where you have to take care of the characters. The tense argument happening in the game was really amazing. Entire sequence was expertly crafted. I have already tried to be diplomatic and getting belligerent with anybody. The developer of game has written really great dialogues.

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    Re: Most emotional scene in The Walking Dead

    I have noticed that most of the times game is asking about take care of some other characters. It seems to be really irritating. The dialogues between Lee and Clementine written really nicely. Apart from non-Clementine senses I wanted tell you that I really liked Irene scene. If you are supposed to allow her to have a gun. At that moment everyone in the groups find out that there should be someone in behind to get the gun. It seems to be obvious. I liked the small conversation happening between Lee.

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    Re: Most emotional scene in The Walking Dead

    Well I did not felt any kind of attachment with Clem. I did not found much emotional thing with this particular game. most sad part I have noticed in the game was Irene. Irene said ‘I'm here with you’ apart from that felt really bad for Herschel and Shawn. In case you have read the comics before then you will begin to feel bad about them. they have done this particular scene really well.

    Second scene I really loved when Clem is broken up with walkie-talkie got smashed and figured out that she clung. She wanted to talk with her her parents. It was really touching scene and it remembered me that Rick and his telephone at the later stage of comics.. I am thinking that they are going to developed same kind of connection as she supposed to close to broken walkie.

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    Re: Most emotional scene in The Walking Dead

    There are lots of emotional moment I have noticed into the game. apart from that I have noticed answering machine was really emotional. It was showing that how much one supposed to love daughter. When I wanted to make selection between Doug and Carly. I was wondering that i Clemintine. I am wondering that Doug and Carly seems to be more valuable in terms of survival. I have to do the same with Shawn and Duck.
    After that I have noticed that taking ax from lees brother was most emotional scene according to me. I was wondering that I was lee at that particular moment of time. This particular situation was really intensing in the game. I really felt about the same in the game. so I wanted to appreciated how fine developer has done this particular thing.
    She did not supposed to make use of bathroom in the game. as zombies came into that bathroom. Disappearing of Citizen Brown and Marty without Doc.

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