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Thread: Sniper Elite V2 is laggy and very slow on pc

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    Sniper Elite V2 is laggy and very slow on pc

    I am facing a bit issue with Sniper Elite V2 demo edition. It is very slow on my system. I had played many games before among which only Sniper Elite V2 is the one which lags a lot. It is very slow. I had downloaded the game two days before. I just want to confirm that this is not a problem with game itself. I am trying to play both single and multiplayer mode, but having a bit issue with the freezing performance. I had posted my hardware config below. Can anyone help me to deal with the issue.
    • GPU: EVGA GTX 560ti factory superclocked
    • CPU: Intel i5 2500K (NOT overclocked)
    • Ram: 8 gigs

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    Re: Sniper Elite V2 is laggy and very slow on pc

    You are hardware configuration is quiet good. The game must not slow down on your system. There can be lots of other reasons for lagging and slow working. You can begin with re-installation. Just remove the game and install it back again. At the time of running the game disable the antivirus and turn of all unwanted background processes. You can find the same in Task Manager. If the cpu usage is high then it simply means your system has a virus issue.

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    Re: Sniper Elite V2 is laggy and very slow on pc

    If re-installation does not work then you have to simply download a different setup back again. It looks the one which you had downloaded is not proper. You have almost 8GB's of ram. That is quiet high which is more than enough to give lag free and great performance. It essential that you must simply try clean your system. I am sure some background process in your system is causing the issue and making your system slow. So better turn all those stuff and check back.

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    Hello thanks for the replies and I have tried the all steps but nothing helped me to solve this issue. I have scanned my system with MSE. I had also ran CCleaner to wipe out unwanted stuff from my pc. I do not think my registry is corrupted. there can be some other issue. I think this game is buggy. I got this issue with Sniper Elite V2 only. Black Screen is one of the most common thing that come after Intro Video.

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