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Thread: List of Improvements to be done in Sniper Elite V2 game

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    List of Improvements to be done in Sniper Elite V2 game

    As for the Multiplayer Online Sniper Elite V2 we can say that Rebellion and 505 Games did a great job, probably the online gameplay remains unchanged from that of the story mode as well as maps and narrowed only slightly altered as needed for gamers available online as well as weapons which are the same as unlockables in the campaign. Like Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Sniper Elite V2 in the precision and the calculation of environmental variables is crucial to see the screen to kill we must calculate the wind, the trajectory of the shot (descending or ascending) and, of course, your aims, if your unlucky target to hit them Killcam show the route of the shot and the affected part of berlin and consequential damages. But I would like to know what you think about this game and what all thinks you will like to see in this game. Or in other words what all improvements you will like to do in this game like any graphics, or any weapons, or any kind of snipers, etc.

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    Re: List of Improvements to be done in Sniper Elite V2 game

    Perhaps with all this we can begin to understand a game like Sniper Elite V2 seen from the perception of a player who has gone through a thousand and one wars since it took a command first. Sniper breaks the concept of moving without rest, to reach the next checkpoint quickly while everything explodes around you. In fact, rarely will you be running, unless you're being chased. Its main mechanics is based on analyzing the situation and choose a point where you create the maximum possible damage before being discovered. The game, of course, is designed for it, but sometimes can be as far-fetched scenarios that if you explore and analyze the situation well, you may find that your sniper nest is in turn a blind alley in the case of discovered. Therefore Sniper was and is so special. It is based on all kinds of tactical responses, from which you can analyze and reflect on them, until you have to make decisions in seconds. To help better recognize the field, and since the game is third person targeting system with a first for the sniper rifle, has chosen to draw on the "shadows" who have used other games like Splinter Cell Conviction, which make the player the last point where the enemy has detected and can re-hide. But the ideal in Sniper Elite V2 is not getting to that point. Almost the whole game is raised to remove the maximum amount of enemies if the strategy is good. You only need our sniper rifle and the surprise factor. Located in a good place to shoot the first shot will make enemies on alert but not betray your position, so it's more important. It is from the second where you have to start looking for an escape route in case things terrine.

    In the case of discovery, of course our sniper rifle will not be the best option, so we can handle other weapons like a pistol or a submachine gun to solve the problem. However, this point would make Sniper Elite V2 losing its essence, so we'll see how it can foster Rebellion to the player to always resolve all conflicts with the sniper weapon.

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    Re: List of Improvements to be done in Sniper Elite V2 game

    Letís start with the not good things or things that can be made good:
    There is not really freedom of movement. The one direction CoD style is forced on you by the demo. sounds like arrgh and uhhÖwhile jumping or doing some action seems to be very kid dish and keeps reminding me about the kid games like quake and duke nukem 3d the size of bullet drop is also so very big, I think the makers wanted to strike some balance between the reality and the game but I guess its bit too much of the fun side. Some other points that other people pointed out are that the enemies are taking cover in open space, I would want to see them running in terror and hiding somewhere in safe place and then try to locate me. The snipers of enemies also do not alert their other team soldiers, infact even I cannot shoot anyone without making any noise. These terrorist unload a full mag without even making a single noise. Soldiers of Germany donít even wear proper insignia of the ranks they hold. I can see colonels wearing uniforms of as privates. And how can I even see a colonel on the duty is it not against the game. Generally colonel would be sitting in a bunker where he would be planning fights and strategies. They not only command the whole battalion but the squad.
    If the German spots you once it will be behind you always, they will keep checking you and same rooms again and again and donít even see through window. They should organize their moves and look around for another shot. The soldiers search for the players and then nothing good comes next. The players are not left with any other options but to either kill all Germans or escape the room and leave them with their stupid search. The CoD style of recovering the health by covering makes the game worse for me. The health system needs to be completely redesigned. Every time you get hurt you lose health, you bleed and heart rate increases, and then you need med packs to increase it, also these med packs are so less. This is a better idea then the soldiers crib about getting shot many times and they duck behind the wall and wait till the wound heals and blood stops oozing out.
    I also have noticed this in another post that there will be pools of blood. It will add a pool of blood that slowly increases under the corpse and would also increase the experience. This looks very off as it is just a small hole in the scull. The camera which is there on my shoulder doesnít let me see anything that is there on my right hand side I can just hear the enemies. The camera should have an overhead view or at least movable to both sides so that I can see things.

    And the good things that I liked are:
    Many moods and many things from the original sniper elite are same. The cover system is good and very much like real. Loading time is very less almost negligible, though I m still playing the demo version but this attribute should remain in the final game also. The war-torn Berlin is awesome. Other then the things I posted above everything else looks good. Iím also thinking of ordering it.

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