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Thread: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 lacking licenses, what is the EA's statement

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    FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 lacking licenses, what is the EA's statement

    A good move by EA, which apparently has its dark side, since half of the selections included in this expansion of the European Championship, they have the official licenses, ie, their names, faces and colors that do not correspond to the real players. In fact, there are teams that should not bother many teams. Even for this there is an apparent solution, EA Sports is already underway to prepare an update that fixes compatibility issues that some users have suffered with crashes and other problems before the expansion was not released. For Euro 2012 UEFA European Championship brings only 16 teams qualified but among the other teams that do not have a license. A total of twenty-four of fifty three teams have no such license. That is, almost half of them. This has caused a stir among media and public.

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    Re: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 lacking licenses, what is the EA's statement

    While EA Sports has been forced to step into the arena to justify the situation, this lack of licenses is due to a choice, after carefully weighing the available resources and the potential business that would provide the respective licenses. In other words, they have decided not to get those teams that have no great interest among the players: Armenia, Belarus, Slovakia, Estonia, Georgia ... but stresses that Ukraine does not have a license, one of the hosts of the Euro. In addition, EA Sports has made clear the difficulty involved in the process. They have told that it was a negotiation between EA and each associated individual national team. It is one of the biggest efforts made by the company. With these words, EA Sports wants to settle the controversy over the licensing of UEFA Euro 2012 and achieve the public enjoyment with this great expansion for FIFA 12. Electronic Arts has come out against criticism by explaining that sought of a license for each and every one of the selections, but it has been impossible to reach agreements with the associations representing all that were left out.

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    Re: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 lacking licenses, what is the EA's statement

    The licenses have always been one of the great resources of Fifa to make a difference against its great rival. It is clear that we are all in crisis, but that decision not implant anymore and not less than 50 teams to 24 national licenses are available. EA Sports is screwing and much to do without these teams even without a high level, the most curious is that not having the license of Ukraine among the countries hosting the Euro, in the end.

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    Re: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 lacking licenses, what is the EA's statement

    By eliminating most of the sixteen teams participating in the finals of Euro 2012, there are many others who have fallen in previous qualifying rounds. It is these which do not have real names. This data would ignore any other football simulator, but FIFA has been characterized for decades by always providing the highest possible licenses. We will wait for official news from Electronic Arts as well as an actual list of possible selections without a license as opposed to those that they have. Apparently the problems do not end there, because since this update was included, many players are suffering various crashes.

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    Re: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 lacking licenses, what is the EA's statement

    The fans have been quick to file complaints on the official forums of Electronic Arts, but these have fallen on ears as the EA has been quick to justify the lack of licensing in which he was called to be the official game competition. Electronic Arts says his intention was that all selections were licensed, but were unable to reach agreement with all the associations that represent the national teams of the countries. UEFA Euro 2012 is priced at 19.99 Euros and in addition to the 53 selections includes the 8 official stadiums where the tournament will be played, and the new Expedition mode, which promises to keep us hooked to the TV.

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