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Thread: Unable to play FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 after purchasing and downloading this game

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    Unable to play FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 after purchasing and downloading this game

    I am an football fanatic and wanted to know something regarding why I am not able to play this game as I found this game more advanced than its previous version and I think they have made some major improvements in this game with all being in order as they messed some of the players earlier in various teams and came to know from sources that proper arrangements has been made for an gamer with football fanatic. Made a buy of this game as well as purchased and downloaded the expansion for Euro 2012. But it seems that instead of making major attempts to download, it still says that you need to download trial version. I later tried with moving in menu options but could find any further clues. Juts thinking were I could be wrong. It might be the case that I am going somewhere wrong as not knowing much about this one. So can you state some reasons with which I would be able to solve my case. How I am able to start playing the game which is relating to something which is owned.

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    Re: Unable to play FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 after purchasing and downloading this game

    I was with the same concern and it should be downloadable but I just thought it was not released and waited for some time to release and then make some tries. The file i think was of some 100 kb file which I downloaded and as I was willing to play on xbox, I just thought the patch has not released yet. Also I just thought they have not released for ps3 version as well. But later came to my mind that I didn’t download the trial and according to some sources it was clear that after downloading trial version , you will be working fine. As it has been confirmed that you need to have a full purchase with which it will trigger an unlocker for download and you would be able to download easily. So guys just make a note of this one. So another time when you download and come across some issue make sure that you have downloaded trial version also. Not only trial version will help , you need to download all the contents which they provided.

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    Re: Unable to play FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 after purchasing and downloading this game

    Guys its true that you need to download whole pack and here is which I will provide you would be beneficial.
    follow these instructions to install/redeem UEFA EURO 2012 Unique Code on your system
    1. First you need to login to the Origin Client by making use of an existing account or recently created Origin Account (EA).
    2. You will be with Origin Options "Gear Icon" and then choose "Redeem Product Code”. and enter the code of UEFA EURO 2012.
    3. Agree the terms and conditions, and you will be ready with download and after installation of EURO UEFA EURO 2012 will be set to play.
    4. Move to the Origin Client and then My Games Tab and then you need to launch "FIFA 12".
    5. Move in the UEFA EURO 2012 from the FIFA 12 Main Menu.

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    Re: Unable to play FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 after purchasing and downloading this game

    Also make some note of one thing that to play/install UEFA EURO 2012. You need to have installed FIFA 12 first. You may be having FIFA 12 and if you have not installed it , there is a possibility that UEFA EURO 2012 will be purchased but there are less chances of downloading. So it will be downloaded automatically the next time when you re-download FIFA 12. So it seems that you must have both the games in your system. As most of users who have played this game must eb having it but it was released some years ago and so I suppose EA are making enough profit with integrating their previous version with the latest ones. You also need to make a note of another thing that The EURO Unique Code cannot be downloaded within the FIFA 12 Store . if you go purchasing on FIFA 12 Store , then better make a note of one thing that you quit and enter FIFA 12 once more UEFA EURO 2012 finishes downloading.

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