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Thread: Cannot login Bejeweled Blitz from iPhone 4S after OS 5.0.1 update

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    Cannot login Bejeweled Blitz from iPhone 4S after OS 5.0.1 update

    Hello friends, I have update my iPhone 4S OS and after that I am not able to play Bejeweled Blitz game on it. I think that new OS which is update on phone is not compatible with the present version of Bejeweled Blitz game, also I am not able to login to facebook; do not know what the problem is? If I am trying to login to facebook through any applications then also I am not able to get it. One more thing which I have observed which is wrong in game was bonus spin counts which are wrong for all the time and I am not playing this game for first time. Is there any method to work and able to login, please tell me. Thank you.

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    Re: Cannot login Bejeweled Blitz from iPhone 4S after OS 5.0.1 update

    I am also having problem with this game, but not updating OS of iPhone, getting issue just after updating Bejeweled Blitz from iTunes, when I have done the update then after that I was not able to play it, as it was giving me error message that need to login into my facebook account, done all that then also it was not working for me, really not know what problem it is having with iPhone, whereas it is working on other phones, is there anyone who can help me also with it.

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    Re: Cannot login Bejeweled Blitz from iPhone 4S after OS 5.0.1 update

    If you are using an original iPhone, purchased from any of apple store, so I would suggest that you better delete the Bejeweled Blitz application from your phone and also delete iTunes. Once you have removed it then download the latest version from Apple Store to your iTunes and try to do sync with your phone. Even you can again download facebook application if you wish to have it, but when you are doing it then do not login to your facebook account, just try to do it when it asked by Bejeweled Blitz. If you are using a jailbreak iPhone then it does not mind from where you have downloaded it. I would suggest that better use SBSettings Power Reset Mode, you will be able to select it by pressing power button then you will be getting drop down menu and get option to select things such as "Reboot", "Power Off". "Safe Mode", "Lock", etc, in those option just select Safe Mode, when you will be selecting it then it will be restart and your phone will boot again with all settings which you have modified on your phone. Once you have done then try to play the game, when you will be trying it then it should be log in and connect online via facebook because you are in safe mode which is same as you work in PC. When trying all this and solving problem then you can change back to all jailbreak settings.

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