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Thread: Bejeweled Blitz always needs a refresh and afterwards all my scores are lost

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    Bejeweled Blitz always needs a refresh and afterwards all my scores are lost

    I was least interested in this game but anyways tried but there were some error messages as my Webpage is not available . also I was with some error messages on the bottom of my page which stated that “The connection to was interrupted.”I knew some common solution to check out as altering my browser ,checking for adobe flash player installed or not and many more. But later came to know that it was not my browser issue and all my software system s were up to date. So one thing is confirmed that I don’t have any issues regarding my system as well and lone I can think is issue with the game . the loading circle keeps spinning as the game plays, as well as lags horribly. So I need to refresh this game all the time . I can bear that , but all with it, it loses my score which I have played so far. in addition it takes away my coins. What could be an exact reason behind it . are there servers not performing well to store my score rate. Please specify further or I need to quit this game.

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    Re: Bejeweled Blitz always needs a refresh and afterwards all my scores are lost

    Mine slowly grinds to a halt in addition. All most recent versions/updates of Internet Explorer as well as Chrome, Firefox and opera have been tried. I made some deletion of Temp files/Cookies . All unnecessary apps/services stopped. It makes no distinction at all so there is no point in sending everybody to the hold up pages.i have concluded that there are no issues with Internet connections or something related to it also this is very obviously not an issue with users PC's as well. I am not knowing much regarding it but is its Facebook version that has a problem. I wonder why Popcap cant see this problem when they run by themselves. I wonder if anyone could recommend me what is going on. Bejewelled Blitz and other games on Facebook will not load as the app keeps constantly telling me that I require the most recent version of Flash Player. I have updated to the most recent version, I have previously had the latest version, and I made some attempts with uninstalling and re-installing Flash Player, but none of which have solved the issue of the games not loading. So can you guys help me further.

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    Re: Bejeweled Blitz always needs a refresh and afterwards all my scores are lost

    I too have same issue and it came to my concern that whenever I am achieving some high scores, there is some possible interruption which will not let me score higher. Are these guys blocking my game to play higher or something like that. Third hypercube was achieved by me and it just refreshed. I am not knowing why this is occurring in my case as I have other friends with same PC configurations with same version of browser and scoring high. I gradually get exhausted of encountering a lot of technical issues when playing Bejeweled. 1. Refreshing consistently , occasionally almost after a game. This can be really annoying when I have reached up to a very high score and anticipate to claim rewards. purchased the boosters as well as phoenix stone but they all were gone. I get annoyed and weary. If this is not set, maybe I would find some other exciting game with much less technical issues.

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    Re: Bejeweled Blitz always needs a refresh and afterwards all my scores are lost

    I was having same issues but it appeared that my intensity was even worse than you guys. Can't even get the cursor to move. The lag is beyond awful and the stoppage in movements is absurd . Plus there have been instances where the game will tend to freeze for some couple of seconds , in addition will not allow you make a move and then start with time wasted. Later I came across some solutions which worked in my case. So all my issues were solved after that. So I need to advice you about the same thing. You need to be sure that you have internet connectivity as I was messing with my connection, I think that was causing this issue to appear. In addition, if you are not connected to the internet, or else if you have a very weak wireless signal your score may not post. You might be able to resolve the issue by logging out of Facebook, and then clearing your cookies and cache from your browser, and then refreshing the page.

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    Re: Bejeweled Blitz always needs a refresh and afterwards all my scores are lost

    This is an common issues which most of people come across as not regarding this game individually , but lot of other social networking games as well as online games mess in the same way which this game turn outs to be. You might have checked your internet connection as most of all do but that might not be an definite answer or the game may still be un-responsive as well as or plays slow or needs to be refresh again and again. I have some other solutions which will work in your case. So if you find your game to be running slow or is un-responsive, here are some methods you can try.If you are having other applications which are running simultaneously as Blitz, you need to close some of them. You could be stressing out your CPU and slowing things down.

    You can make use of different browser or updating to the most recent, fanciest version of your existing browser. If you are running Firefox 3 and you are pretty confident, you are able to regulate how often Firefox takes a snapshot of your open tabs. This characteristic allows you open Firefox where you left it off when you close your browser. If Firefox doesn't take snapshots as often, you will get improved performance in your game. You need to adjust the frequency of the snapshots and to do so , you need to turn the snapshot feature off. You will need to type about:config in the location bar in a Firefox browser and then click I'll be careful, I promise! . you will be with then , an Filter box and need to type browser.sessionstore.interval , then you will require to double-click on the browser.sessionstore.interval preference. You then need to enter the time of your snapshot. 120000 is around 2 minutes. And then click OK.

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