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Thread: Ideas on Anti-block techniques and strategies in Street Fighter X Tekken

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    Ideas on Anti-block techniques and strategies in Street Fighter X Tekken

    Now that automatic blocking system has been introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken, we cannot revert it back but get used to it. By saying Ďget used to ití I meant that we must find new techniques or strategies using which the automatic blocking does not hamper the fighting between two players. With auto-blocking technique, the developers have forced the gamers to use more aggressive approach while playing the game. Also the time of the match will play a crucial role in deciding the winner.
    I prefer using the assist gem, as they work best when the character is in the neutral state. Also I can use the assist gem while playing with any character selected and it affects almost every character that an opponent uses. I prefer putting pressure on the player who is blocking. When he will continuously keep blocking, the player controlling the character will get frustrated and wonít think what he will be doing when released from the pressure. This will make your opponent attack in insane manner. You can use this to your advantage and finish him. Has anyone else developed some strategy or technique to beat the players using automatic blocking?

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    Re: Ideas on Anti-block techniques and strategies in Street Fighter X Tekken

    Even while using the auto blocking there is some loss of health while taking attacks. The loss in health is very low, but can be increased if large attacks are used. To avoid this, many players are assigning the defensive gems which stop the loss of small amount of health. If I find that some player is using this combination, then I go on punching him, while he keeps auto blocking my attacks. When this is happening, the gem uses all the power to avoid loss of health. With heavier attacks, this power goes down even quickly. So a moment comes when the auto blocking opponent has to come out of blocking stance and try to attack. But since I am continuously attacking, coming out of blocking stance doesnít seem easy. Once the power of Gem is over, I start using my power and special moves. This strategy has let me win many fights till now.

    While doing this, I prefer using ambiguous crossup and followup crossup kicks to the opponent. They guarantee faster draining of Gems power. If these moves are properly executed and on proper timing, then one can activate opponentís auto block more than once in a kick. Combining this technique with auto technique Gem ensures that you can do much damage while crouching. You can drop your opponent on the ground using the crouching crossup kicks and then use the jumping attacks to beak the defense of the fallen opponent. I am still working on the possible combinations of gems while using this technique.

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    Re: Ideas on Anti-block techniques and strategies in Street Fighter X Tekken

    With auto-block feature introduced, I now focus on getting control of the power of Gem of my opponent. This doesnít mean that I hack into his system or something; I mean that you must trick the opponent to use up his gem power before you can start using yours. I fake certain moves giving my opponent illusion that I am using some big move or attack. This makes them to use the defensive gem power or attacking gem power. If the opponent is using an attacking Gem then you must be quick on your reflexes to avoid his attacks and play safely. If you can trick your opponent in trapping to use the gem power, ten frustrate him by not attacking and also not letting him attack.
    I havenít played this game using many characters, but I can tell you proper method to win match using Akuma or Ryu. They both can efficiently execute the 2-hit overhead move. If you use this move properly with accurate timing, then you will notice that it will reduce the health of the opponent before sending them into auto block mode. You can search which characters powers does same effect on opponent as it can be used to defeat the purpose of auto block.

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    Re: Ideas on Anti-block techniques and strategies in Street Fighter X Tekken

    The best method to find out which character can break the auto block efficiently using which move or method, one can use the training mode which has a provision for setting up dummies which will have all the different defense positions. It is the best way to try out different powers and moves that can overcome different blocking techniques. I have also noticed that using the Counter Gem provides better effect when attacking an opponent who is using auto-block. Also the mixup moves work best on blocked opponent. My favorite method to harm my opponent when in blocking stance is by rolling down across the feet of my opponent and hitting him/her with fireballs or other similar powers in their back.

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    Re: Ideas on Anti-block techniques and strategies in Street Fighter X Tekken

    I tried using the Chip pressure method on my auto blocking opponent. It works in some cases but not the most. You can use the chip attacks to put your opponent under auto-block. It will give more damage to some characters under blocking stance while other might receive normal damage. The main disadvantage of this method is that the opponent can easily retrieve out of this attack and start attacking back without any problem. But if properly executed, than even the top tier characters like Bison can succumb to it. I have played against one person online, he came under the Chip Pressure that I applied using the chip attacks from my character. But once for a moment, I missed my attack and my opponent sent a flaming fireball at me. Got hit and knocked out at the same moment. So while fighting against such wise players, one should also be good in predicting what can be the next attack that your opponent can do.
    To avoid the fireballs and the disabling of zoning by Misogi, I found that Guile is the best option. He can jump or slide under the fireball or can quickly escape the zoning attacks. Guileís speed is the best attribute as compared to other attributes. When using Guile, always use random slides and random scissor kicks. You notice you opponent getting disturbed and might leave the auto block many times. You can use this opportunity to defeat your opponent.

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    Re: Ideas on Anti-block techniques and strategies in Street Fighter X Tekken

    There is no specific method for fighting and breaking the auto block of oneís opponent. But using down back attacks and fireballs can break it. But when using two characters in a team fight, a good combination can easily out do the auto blocking of any opponent. Using the aerial attacks help a lot to damage the opponent in the blocking stance. On 3e of the best move to do a good amount of damage to opponent in the blocking stance is the Ryuís uppercut. One can also play mind games with opponents. If you get damaged or hit, donít show that you care. Go on wild attacking. This gives an opponent an impression that we have lot of Gems and we donít care what he has. The punishing moves used by Gief or Hugo also prove to be great use of auto-block breaker.
    When matching up a team, see to it that you donít have both the players of same type, that is, only attacking or defensive. Even the combination of two big players should be avoided. Many good players can notice the similarity in the pattern of attacks and figure out your strategy and next moves. I say that just breaking the auto-block of your opponent isnít the only factor that should be looked after.

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