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Thread: How to collect 5 coins gems "Keystone" in Bejeweled Blitz game

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    How to collect 5 coins gems "Keystone" in Bejeweled Blitz game

    Hello friends, I am stuck with a particular keystone in game, trying it from two days but not able to complete it. I have to collect 5 coins gems in a game, but when I am trying it then I am just able to collect only four of them. I think that there are bugs in game, time to complete the keystone was 2 days and till the last time when I have played it, which was yesterday, it was showing me 1 day left to complete keystone. But when I have started today than it is showing 2 days are remaining, so what is the problem, does anyone knows anything about it? Is there any shortcut method to complete this keystone or is there any method to remove, so that I can continue with other keystone. Please help me out with this problem. Thank you.

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    Re: How to collect 5 coins gems "Keystone" in Bejeweled Blitz game

    Whereas you are stuck with 5 coins gems, I was stuck with 4 coins gems in a game, it is really hard to complete and also there is no method to complete it. Only thing which you need to focus is to look out for coins gems which you are getting on your board, and try to match with yellow gems as fast as possible. It has taken plenty of tires to complete 4 coins gems in a game, but I was not losing hope but sometimes get angry that coins gems were there on board but not able to get it. If you try out some rare gems then also you are not able to get it. I have used plenty of rare gems so that I can get more coins gems on board, but it was turning out to be opposite to me, such that I was getting hardly one or two coins gems on board which was not at all possible for me to complete keystone. I was trying to play normal game and by luck it got completed. I would also suggest you that play your regular game and it will be getting completed.

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    Re: How to collect 5 coins gems "Keystone" in Bejeweled Blitz game

    It is really not possible to complete it, I was able to complete, and you can say it that it was my luck. There is only one method for it which is keeps on trying it again and again, then it will be successfully completed. I was able to do it when I have used Phoenix gem. I believe that all the extra crashing and also exploding which happened due to Phoenix is only method. I have not seen 5 coins gem in a game, when you will be playing carefully to collect them then you will be not getting it. It is better give a try with phoenix gem and get it done for you, there is no method to remove a keystone from game, keystone are automatically goes once time period of completion is over. Before that it remains over there.

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