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Thread: Can gatling guns engage with planes in Arctic cod in Naval War Arctic Circle

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    Can gatling guns engage with planes in Arctic cod in Naval War Arctic Circle

    it is great when we play this game and target enemies when we land on plane and missiles and rocket launchers do a great job. targeting enemy ships with the gatling gun would be an great job but they donít rather engage it seems so. So I want some specific reason why this gatling guns donít work . but I would like to know some means in which I will be able to perform some stunts if they work , so are they really engaged on the planes in Arctic cod. I think Gatling gun being one of the best known early rapid-fire weapons along with a forerunner of the modern machine gun will be great to work , but we cant miss the cannon as it would completely destroy my plane with one shot. So I consider cannon would be more massive than my gattling gun. So it would be beneficial for me, if I donít force my planes to engage with would destroy my entire plane.

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    Re: Can gatling guns engage with planes in Arctic cod in Naval War Arctic Circle

    According to me, I suppose you should make a good use of helicopters or else missiles which will work head-on work like a charm and regarding gatling guns they fire only in self defense or if you select the gatling weapon explicitly . Surface combatants are prepared with main gun batteries. These Close-In Weapon System such as Gatling guns tends to be fast, short-range weapons which are mainly proposed to target incoming missiles, along with minor smaller vessels and very hasty hostile aircraft. The guns are "non-primary" weapons . so I find this difficult because I am not able to target enemy as it is really hard to target and then just pop up and are not within the range of target. I think it also depends on which plane you are selecting as well as weapons you are engaged in. my experience says that it is really hard to fire at surface with aircraft guns,as you will be with an short period of time span where you need to target the surface along with need to aim at the goal with great skill.

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    Re: Can gatling guns engage with planes in Arctic cod in Naval War Arctic Circle

    If you are with an yellow dot on the weapon , there are less chances that it will engage surface. You need to search for gun on your plane which will do your desired job effectively. If you are playing on Barent Escort Mission then you will find some weapons such as F35a which will act accordingly as it will have an yellow dot. But you will be able to fire this weapon one shot at the time and if you have set this weapon to air superiority you need to reduce the intensity of firing as there is a high possibility that you could not target the enemy quite effectively. So you are able to make some changes to a small burst of say 20 shots which will render your goal effectively. You are as well getting high chances of firing as your number of burst increases.Idea of cannon firing is OK. And you said it correctly as cannon fires most effectively with great force as well as intensity of targeting is massive , so better be aware of cannons firing from underground and so just shoot your aim with gatling gun with repeated attacks.

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