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Thread: UEFA EURO 2012 dlc for FIFA 12

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    UEFA EURO 2012 dlc for FIFA 12

    I am really excited about the upcoming UEFA Euro 2012 tournament in June. But before it starts I want to experience the same feel in virtual game, which is FIFA 12. I tried creating a custom tournament with all the teams included in the real tournament, but couldn’t achieve the result as the default teams in FIFA 12 are very different from that will be taking part in real tournament. I cannot afford to spend much time on changing every player’s position and place in team and then starting the game. So I heard that EA sports have released an official dlc for FIFA 12 which will create the scenario of UEFA Euro 2012 tournament. Can someone provide me details about it?

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    Re: UEFA EURO 2012 dlc for FIFA 12

    EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012 is an official expansion pack for FIFA 12 which will recreate the real tournament in the game. It will create the formation of groups and teams according to the selections made for real life tournament. It will recreate the excitement of the tournament with all the 50 European teams at the disposal of the player. This expansion pack will also include the eight official stadiums from Poland and Ukraine on which the matches will be played. The atmosphere and the presentation of the tournament will be tried to match according to real event.

    This tournament being one of the world’s most watched tournaments, EA sports has left no stone unturned to give the user full and great experience of tournament before it starts. You can play this tournament as a Single Player and make your favorite team win or one can also take part in an online competition to win the trophy. Players will need to defeat the rival nations in the group stage matches before they enter the knockout round. Winning the knock out rounds and other rounds will help the player win the crowned as UEFA EURO 2012 champion.

    This expansion pack also provides Expedition Mode in which one can build their own custom team and enter the tournament. One can build their own customized squad with custom strategy to win the tournament. One can also play the qualifying rounds and relive the key moments of the real life tournament. This expansion pack will also consist of challenges based on real-life events and matches that will take place in this tournament.

    This DLC for FIFA 12 has been released on 24 April 2012 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It will not be available in hard copy in market and will be needed to be downloaded from official website of EA sports. The hardware requirements for this expansion pack’s PC version are same as that of FIFA 12.

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