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Thread: Widescreen support for Risen 2: Dark Waters

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    Widescreen support for Risen 2: Dark Waters

    I have a six monitor setup for my computer. I have downloaded Risen 2: Dark Waters from Steam and want to play on the six monitor setup. The resolution that will be perfect for six monitors is 2400x1200. I tried achieving this resolution, but it seems like this game doesnít support any resolution above 1920x1080. I tried editing the resolution in configuration file, but it too didnít help, the resolution would come back to 1920x1080. I had played Risen on the six monitor setup and it worked fine without any problem. Does anybody else to face such problem?

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    Re: Widescreen support for Risen 2: Dark Waters

    I know that this problem exists and I too tried playing the game on my four monitor setup. When I tried playing this on such setup, the game would fit itself in the screen but the textures would pixilated enough to be noticed. Also the mouse pointer wonít disappear when the game was being played. This game doesnít support the Eyefinity setup. So if you are using Eyefinity setup, then it wonít work in the multiple monitor system.

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