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Thread: No packaged edition for Risen 2: Dark Waters

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    No packaged edition for Risen 2: Dark Waters

    I have seen that after release of risen 2: Dark Waters is available for download on Steam. I have a low speed internet and so downloading this game from Steam is not a possible option for me. I tried searching for the game in the stores which keep the game DVDs but couldn’t find this game. I searched for details if this game will be available in Liverpool, United Kingdom and it was to be available. I wanted to know if the game is available in package form or is it just available online to download via Steam.

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    Re: No packaged edition for Risen 2: Dark Waters

    The game is available in packaged form. Downloading it is an option, but you can even purchase it from market. If you cannot find it in market then it won’t be in stock or maybe the vendors you are visiting have decided to not have this game in their shop. Even if you have a low speed internet, you can visit Amazon and order it online. This won’t need you to download any content, but just place an order.

    Package of Risen 2: Dark Waters.

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