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Thread: Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters DRM

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    Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters DRM

    I am a big fan of Risen and I have played it many times in PS3 and at my friends place. So I was eagerly waiting for the release of next part as now I have a system at my place, and now I came to know that Risen 2: Dark Waters has released. But, I was shocked to find out that, I won’t be able to buy it in local stores as it is only available on Steam due to some Copy Protection reasons. I want to know what this steam is. How this steam works. From where should I get the DVD and do I need the internet connection to play the game. Can anyone guide me on this please?

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    Re: Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters DRM

    Hi, it seems you have lots of queries regarding steam and about this game and it even seems that you are very excited to play this game. I’ll try an answer as much questions as I can of yours. Yes, you have heard it right Risen 2: Dark Waters will be using Steam.

    Steam works as a Copy Protection. Steam is a product of Valve Corporation from Bellevue, Washington. It is serving as both copy protection module and a distribution platform for download and purchase of games online. It supports all versions of Windows beginning with XP.

    There is no rocket science in understanding the working of the Steam. The first thing you should have is a good Internet connection. You have to install the steam software and create an account on Valve’s server. Now when you will be installing a retail version of Risen2, the steam software will ask the valve’s server whether you have paid for this game or not. The server will now check into your database which has a record of Games you bought if it finds the entry for Risen2, it sends a “Go Ahead” signal. If not then it will ask for the serial number and you have to enter the serial number. If the serial number is valid then the serial number and the game will be added to your customer account. The games that you purchase directly from the steam there is no serial number request as you bought it from the steam itself.
    You can buy the Boxed version of Risen 2: Dark Waters from local vendor which will contain DVD with all the necessary data, you can then install from that DVD but for the installation process you will have to visit the website of steam and get registered on the steam. After that it won’t be necessary for you to insert the DVD while playing.

    No you don’t need internet connection to play the game you can run the steam in “Offline-Modus”. In this mode you can run your installed game without internet connection. But it only applies to the game that is already installed on your system. But while installation you’ll need an internet connection.

    I hope I answered all your queries and now you can go ahead and buy the new Risen 2: Dark Waters and enjoy the game on your system.

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    Re: Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters DRM

    Thanks a lot for explaining me everything about steam and the procedure of installation. Actually I am not that good with internet so I just wanted to know that what are the problems that can arise when I install the game over an internet.
    Will it be safe?
    Can you even help me with this?

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    Re: Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters DRM

    Yes, it will be safe to install over the internet so don’t you worry for that. The problems lie with the internet connection; you need a good internet connection to complete the installation process. Some problems that you can face while installation are as follows:
    1. If you are PC cannot connect to Valve for whatever reasons you will not be able to install the game.
    2. If there are general failure in your internet connection
    3. Technical problems at valve
    4. Network Problems

    A general disadvantage of all DRM systems is the shift in power. If your copy of Game is not found genuine then Valve can always enforce their own position by simply disabling or terminating your account.

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