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Thread: Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

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    Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    I am panning to buy this game but I like to know some information in the Strategy Guide this game , no doubt this is the best game ever but it will be nice is I already get some idea about , so is there any one here can help me on this I will be really appreciating this . I have looked every where but that is not much information in this topic so , please help me on this

    Thanks in advance

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    re: Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Well see if this help The Inquisitor can raise you to search out 5 disks scattered thorough the island. raise him everything regarding them, which is able to provide you with access to the quests. the primary disk is in Donís possession, heíll provides it away with no downside (a little exception is that the banditís path Complete the subsequent quests: The mystery of the jap temple, Cyrus is late, where is that the golden delivery? and Off to the west coast. provide the disks to the Inquisitor, whoís standing by the volcano gate. If you've got chosen the warrior path, you'll be promoted to a political candidate and receive a brand new armor. Once youíre prepared for the upcoming fight, let Mendoza recognize. The gate are opened and a bunch of enemies can attack. The mystery of the jap temple Fincher can provide you with a teleportation stone and direct you to the temple within the east (M5.14). In case you havenít been there nevertheless Ė follow the map and switch right before the marshes, into a path thatís simple to miss.

    Once there, you can notice Maliko by the doorway and he will fill you up on the case. drop through the lure (hole within the floor) some steps behind him and within the corridor below you'll notice Dirk. Enter the hall through the opening on the correct and kill the ghoul. At the exit from the chamber, pull the lever by the wall, go deeper into the corridor and use the windlass by the bars. Eventually lead Dirk through the opened corridor and heíll provide you with an previous bust. come through the marshes to the most temple entrance. now head into the corridor on the correct (look out for the lure within the floor). Deeper within the temple you'll encounter Adan and Dytar. try and confirm what is going on and bear the opening on the left (donít worry regarding the bars for now). In one among the sarcophaguses you'll notice a good sword (demon blade) and any you'll encounter 2 ghouls and Daniloís body, by that you'll notice a map

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    re: Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Risen 2 Attributes, Skills and Talents .In this game you actually donít have the choice of the specific race or class at the start of the game. Also the character you have has a fixed name, the nameless hero. Classic. Your character will grow with the game on the style of playing. It is possible to You to able to describe your character Attributes, Skills and Talents. The Attributes can be increase and developed when you adding up the glory (glory is the experience of Risen 2), and glory the way to earn the glory is by killing the mobs and completing some quests. This is not different form the usual RPG game. There will be about five huge categories for the attributes, all those are
    1. Archery
    2. Magic
    3. Hardness
    4. Melee
    5. Cunning

    Each of this attributes have a particular number of talents that you can use and developed and the skill s can be implicit to the character specializations as they are just available when you come to the particular attribute level. In this game you will be also can level up your attributes by the precise interactions with quest provider . like if py use the intimidation or persuasion skills on the key situation that the game will persuade you to continue by leveling them up.

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    re: Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Teachers and Trainers for the game There must be few abilities like the kicking sneaking as well as pickpocketing should be teachers wondering on the islands You will be able to understand that few abilities will be there to complement your style of play and few are very important in compare to the others In Risen 2 you constantly need to choose from the two or three alternative and a lot of the options will make use of your r hard earned coins Like we will be consider for the trainers developing the weapons to overcome more damage purchase supplies that will keep us survive longer and all Teachers are generally faction associated Say the inquisition do has the best teachers for firearms

    It is vital to know that Combat is not that simple in this game , and this is for the reason that the developer want it to be that way , and may be for the reason that combat is not made similar to the some other popular RPG titles. actually, controlling the camera is not always that easy and counter attacks needs too much of timing, but you'll surely get the pain of it after some time. As every the monster are likely to be very aggressive and spammy on fighting , you will have to manage your health and analyze when you have to counter-attack. There are many strategy and combination that you will be able to use for counter attacks like the kicking, throwing sand or salt at the enemy, by your parrot to divert the opponent etc. The developers came up with some great ideas.

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    re: Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Risen 2: Dark Waters is that they're just effective in numbers. They forever spawn in packs of a minimum of 5 of them. If you've got issue handling them at the start of the sport, strive circling round the pack, go forward, kill one and find back to circling and dodging. we are able to decision that strategy a success and run, pretty classical. That way, the Sand Devils won't be ready to surround and overwhelm you, and you may be ready to take them out pretty simply. If you continue to have bother handling them, strive a faster weapon and use your dodge and block talents. you'll as well use vary weapons as a method to kill them effectively while not entering into bother. The Sand Devils are one in every of the quickest monsters within the game, therefore watch your back. The Leviathan is one resistant bastard and you bought to look at out for his charge attack and it's claws. an honest strategy to require him out is to attend for him to charge you, dodge him and them hit him arduous within the back. Rinse and Repeat. attempting to dam the leviathan's attack isn't economical the least bit as he's each quick and robust. target quick weapons and quick movements if you would like to require him out simply.

    The firebirds in Risen 2: Dark Waters, because the Sand Devils, can attack and charge you in teams. they're quick however not that immune to physical harm. you may got to use your dodge ability within the right direction if you would like to survive these encounters while not an excessive amount of harm. In fact, an honest strategy is to dodge towards it when the Firebird is on the brink of attack. This way, you may be ready to hit the Firebird and begin a combo in his back. be careful for the opposite members of the cluster, keep quick and fast if you do not wish to require an excessive amount of harm. additional content for our Risen a pair of Strategy Guide returning soon keep tuned!

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    re: Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Well on the Risen Island develop the nautilus transformation scroll at the inexperienced dot. Donít step on the ground marked with black dots, instead use the scroll and bear the opening within the wall marked with a blue dot. From the sarcophagus area, go into another one below (black dot). flip left and climb the ledge. Go additional and youíll arrive at a giant area with a hole within the ground. you must end up within a building product of light-weight bricks. visit the bottom level, through the door and you must see a lizard priest whoís in possession of the disk youíre finding out and, among different things, a teleport stone (eastern temple). Using the stone you'll come back to the temple entrance and speak with every of the bandits. they'll share their loot with you. once talking with Maliko you'll come back to Fincher and provides a report. you may realize Cyrus by Eldricís house, in you've got to look the house for a inexperienced druid sleeve. underneath the table you may realize a mana potion recipe. Cyrus isn't willing to assist, therefore visit the neighbors . Jasmin in come back for two hundred golden coins can permit you to use her wolf pet Ė Rufo. If you donít have raw meat with you, get it from her and feed the wolf. Afterwards build him smell the sleeve. Follow the wolf, attacking the monsters on your manner Ė the wolf can stop four times in total. throughout the third time youíll realize a Druidís employees. By the 4th, youíll realize the temple

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    Re: Strategy Guide of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    The Natives faction. you may sometimes realize the Natives running around within the Jungle of the islands or operating as slaves or staff within the cities. There are differing kinds of Natives. we've the Warrior, who could be a melee warrior. there's as well Shamans which will be seen because the bosses of the tribes which solid magic at you once they get angry. And then you've got the hunters, who are sometimes smaller than the soldiers. The natives in Risen a pair of typically wear wood plates armors. This faction was gift within the initial Risen and build a come back in Risen a pair of. The Inquisition has modified from the primary game. As magic disappeared from the planet, the Inquisition will now not use it to meet their objectives. All in all the Inquisition is organized terribly strictly. they are pretty clear-cut. that is just about why they give the impression of being serious, have short haircut, wear uniforms and walk around like they're within the military.

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