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Thread: Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters Map

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    Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters Map

    Hello friends, I have never played the earlier versions of the Risen. This is the first time that I am going to start with the Risen 2: Dark Waters. I have not started with the game yet. Before I start the game, I want to have some information regarding Risen 2: Dark Waters Map. So can someone over here post some information regarding the map like how many locations are placed in the map? I know that there are many of the new users like me who are searching for the same and I am sure that this thread is going to be very useful for them. Please reply as early as possible. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you so much in advance for reading and replying to this thread.

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    Re: Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters Map

    I donít know much about this because I also have just started to play that. There are some of the people on web who are saying that there are total 6 island but when I went above map then there are more location. It is possible that they are just accessible with the DLC. Till now they have not given any DLC release so this thing is also in doubt. Anyways, I have started playing the game keeping these entire things aside in my mind. I am enjoying the game a lot. If you really liked the game then I donít think you are going to reject the game if it is having less maps. So just enjoy the game and if they are having more maps then that will come to you with the DLC. There is no need to pay that much attention to that. I donít know, if you like my idea or not but I think in this way only and I am happy with that.

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    Re: Information on Risen 2: Dark Waters Map

    The title includes pirate clothing of every kind, each with a bonus to a specific skill. There are also special schemes rifles or pistols as special objects of silver that belonged to famous pirates. The crafting is differentiated by guns, swords and takes a whole different way in the voodoo that lets you create potions and to enhance the effects of proportion as well as special scepters to use as weapons to significantly weaken the enemy or "stimulate" to fight alongside us . Just the voodoo is the only real choice that the protagonist is forced to perform well early in the game as the plot to force him to take the side of the indigenous inhabitants of the islands, and thus have access to all the secrets of dark magic, or to remain faithful to the Inquisition. To enrich the gameplay we find a series of activities such as contextual duels, treasure maps, events shooting, drinking and even lethal traps of various kinds to be avoided with a quick time event. All items made in full pirate-style and supported by what is the most prestigious title, or the dialogues. Risen 2: Dark Waters does not miss it twists emotional exchanges guncotton and jokes of all kinds.

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