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Thread: Three DLC for Steel Beard Chest edition of Risen 2: Dark Waters

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    Three DLC for Steel Beard Chest edition of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Hi guy s

    Like to tell you all that this Ii s really a nice game that I have every saw an article that was say on the on World of Risen the access to the code will be provided trought the secret note that is included on the chest , also want to tell you that the Steel Beard Chest just seems that is available in the few number of country only. As far as I know the three DLC will going to include the

    1. Treasure Island
    2. Air Temple
    3. Pirate uniform

    What do you people has to say about this I will like to know that , please post your opinion

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    Re: Three DLC for Steel Beard Chest edition of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Well what could that be? Still a beta-test, only this time through properly planned? The content is ok and is probably in a great game for matching package. Since I bought himself but so far almost no CEs or other editions, apart from Risen one, I will probably continue to be in the normal way, because all the bonus stuff is anyway just in case and go to seed in front of him. And my good 100 is not a game worth it, not even by PB (The only time you expect to. Almost 200 DM for a computer game. Even 10 years ago have cost DM 60-80, which is already converted more). However, the small difference that the DLC is officially included in the Treasure version and not just for the Pre. Accordingly, the price should have been calculated, which in my opinion, but the reward which the Deep Silver preorder offers for the trust, cancels. I would like to see it given the preorder of steel Bart's treasure a discount, rather than offering an additional bonus content. With no bonus, but I find not that Deep Silver in this case, the preorder edition meets the treasure.

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