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Thread: What is need to have Risen 2 dark waters game

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    What is need to have Risen 2 dark waters game

    Hello friends, I would like to know what is the reason to have this game for me, there are plenty of people who are saying that I should go for this game, but I am not finding a single reason to have it for me. Is there anyone who has purchased this game and tell me reason for this game, please do tell me about it. Thank you.

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    Re: What is need to have Risen 2 dark waters game

    I like to be relatively hopeless PB fan, it pretty well so far, after I recovered in the days of the beta of the low blow in my opinion the most miserable upbeat. On Takarigua at least for now everything is fine again. Next I was not yet. I hope the level increases further. What annoys me most is always the potential gave away. I will not give up the hope that PB theoretically deliver such a performance again like Gothic 1 therefore can a game that sets new standards in its time has it as Gothic 1 anno done 2,001th Of this we are far away with Risen 2 with certainty. On the contrary. When I look at games like The Witcher 2 or the Dragon Knight Saga (now at times of games as smaller developers mentioned, which are also 3rd person), I see that PB slowly but surely losing the connection. You cannot keep up the gameplay (the combat system is now not really good) and also in technical matters. What bothers me as a fan of their games is not excessive, but I have full understanding for scores in the range 6/10 or 7/10. If any of the PB-style is not typical, then the core remains a fairly mediocre game play.

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    Re: What is need to have Risen 2 dark waters game

    I would wish that PB improved especially in the field of game mechanics and engineering, and then maybe get one or two good hacks on board. In the field of global design, art design exploration and they're at with it. First League. But in other areas, in particular combat system, technology and story is at best only one second division and it will be downgraded to the regional league. I hope that PB reinforce targeted precisely in these areas and not stubbornly cling to their "small is beautiful" philosophy and its more or less closed society in a small circle. There must be fresh and modern life into the dusty little shack.

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