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Thread: Some questions about hunter mode in Prototype 2

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    Some questions about hunter mode in Prototype 2

    I have a certain question over here make sure you do answer them over here. See I have a certain questions about whatever it is written In the tutorials of the game. See let me begin with the sending of the waves. When I want to send the waves to the opposition to attack them it goes off as a wave and comes in return. Now I have read the tutorials and there it is written that first I have to go to the center of the area and then find the target but the thing is that I am not able to find the target. So thatís the main question over here. Even after playing so many grounds I havenít been able to figure out as if what exactly is the center? I have played in the higher grounds as well and still not find it? I am not understanding where the hell is that center and how to find it. After finding the center will I be able to get the target directly? Or will I be given some directions by which I can get to know the target is out there and I should fire it? Please answer out the question which I have asked here that would be grateful for me.

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    Re: Some questions about hunter mode in Prototype 2

    Dude its called as sonar you need to look for the centre of the wave that is coming to you and not for the one which you have sent. Now you have asked how to find the center of the wave by which you can target it. so in order to do that I would advise you to play with the camera so that you can get to know the direction of the wave. There would be a orange like thing in the wave which would be generated from the heller when it leaves from there and notice it when it is coming back to you. target that and you will be able to hit the target. So thatís how it is done, anything else that you need to know from my side then let me know I will answer it out for you.

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