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Thread: Starting Prototype 2 on Hard Difficulty

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    Starting Prototype 2 on Hard Difficulty

    I have played the previous Prototype and well acquainted with the gameplay and the controls of the game. I think that I will directly play Prototype 2 on Hard Difficulty. Will it make any difference to the gameís story or plot?

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    Re: Starting Prototype 2 on Hard Difficulty

    Playing a game on Hard difficulty setting is your own personal choice. No one can force you to play it on Easy or Normal mode. Though you are well acquainted with the game play of Prototype, I suggest that you play on Normal mode for the start. Prototype 2 though it looks similar to previous version is quite different. Many new powers have been introduced and also there has been lot of development in basic abilities of the character like movement and combat. You might experience this difference even in Normal mode. Maybe you think that you are capable of playing this game on hard mode, but let me tell you if you get stuck in some part of this game, then you wonít be able to reduce the difficulty. You will need to start a new game on lower difficulty settings.

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    Re: Starting Prototype 2 on Hard Difficulty

    I think that the Normal difficulty level provided is the best level to start a game. One can always replay the game second time if he/she wished to play it on higher difficulty. On the Normal difficulty settings, the game will spawn only the number of enemies specified by the developers. On easy mode, this number is reduced and on hard this number is increased. It is your own choice about the difficulty level in which you want to play. But you will be spending too much time killing enemies as they will be more in numbers and also they will be more powerful than on other difficulty settings. It may happen that you want to complete the story for sake of knowing what happens to character, but due to higher difficulty settings, you will stuck in same place for long time. I have seen many people boasting of starting a game directly and then getting bored as game takes long to proceed. So think before you start the game in difficulty mode. Donít think that this game will be same as before. Get yourself adapted to new controls, environment and character behavior on Normal mode and then jump on the Hard difficulty level.

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