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Thread: Drift attack challenges in Ridge Racer: Unbounded

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    Drift attack challenges in Ridge Racer: Unbounded

    Well in RRU I managed to get three star rankings in the drift challenges to though it is really difficult to complete particularly in unlockable districts available in the game. for eg Upper Westside challenge. When I trying to great drift for every single corner. I have managed to get maximum 750 points before the completion of the match. To get three starts I need to score 1200 points. So I managed to score the same. however in Shindo car the game handling was become so difficult so I was crashing all the time. Do you know any general strategy to compete this particular challenges so that I can socre maximum points in the game. let me know if you know anything to get the requirement of mine. any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Drift attack challenges in Ridge Racer: Unbounded

    According to me this particular game is bit difficult to complete. However the game became bit easy after unlocking the DLC cars. but still I am not having any idea regarding some gameplay mechanics. That is how it supposed to work and how to make use of the same. you will be able to get shindo car after completing the level 14. It seems to better enough than that of the other cars available in the car. So you should try with shindo car.

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    Re: Drift attack challenges in Ridge Racer: Unbounded

    I am trying to improve myself consistently. Now I am able to drift through all the corners without slamming on the walls or spinning out . So far I have not used the drift button and trying to learn without making use of it. I was making use of brake and gas to drift. It was working fine and I was able to fill up the power bar. But still I am wondering that I am missing some basic fundamentals of drift button mechanism. Though I have improved enough but still I am not able to complete first races from the couple of district available. Sometimes I am doing really well but after a small mistake I am losing my all hope to be on top 3.

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    Re: Drift attack challenges in Ridge Racer: Unbounded

    In this particular game I am playing at level 22 and I am playing all the races with super cars. I concluded that dominations races are seems to easy to complete. After completing first round I was not able to see any AI drivers though crashed couple of times and still I was leading by 10 seconds. I am not good in terms of driving. According to me the first track supposed to be really difficult to complete. I tried to change the difficult option in the game but there was no option available to do the same. I tried to view some videos to get the idea of the entire thing but there was nothing to see. Well in RRU Shindo racing, drift and timeattack mode supposed to be difficult to complete.

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    Re: Drift attack challenges in Ridge Racer: Unbounded

    I tried to race by using Shindo car in harder difficulty level of RRU. Well I have noticed below mentioned things which are working like a charm.

    First of all you should learn individual drift track so that you will be able to plan about the which corners are coming next and you will not end up with binning the car so that you will end up with run. On the corner you could forget that you have line up.
    If you are not sure about the making use of first car and you have managed to get 150-180km/h then you should simply press and hold the drift button in the game so that you can give a try to drifiting. What I supposed to do is tapping the button while drifting and pressing and holding the power button which is causing drifting for you. if you are not holding the drift button at the low speed would cause lots of wheelspin at the high angle and you will loose the momentum. Tapping the same at patterns/intervals will help you to get proper drift at the corners at a desire speed. It will help you to do wider drift in the game.
    In case your car is getting crashed the simply restart the race.
    You should practice drift on some simple stack so that you can get frustrated while racing. Once the developer of the game are supposed to fix city builder bug you should try to use square-shaped track with having lower-highway track pieces to have practice of drifting.

    If you are having a faster car then it does not mean that you are going to have easy run. In fact you will be able to manage the thing by having slower car. Couple of first car which are having Shindo Drift class and it seems to be quite easy to manage for drifting. a car having lower drift stat would have sharp drifting angle which will be help you to do whilst drifting.. the only disadvantage which I know is that you will loose lots of speed if you have over-steer the drift in the race.

    In case you are moving on slow speed then simply stop drifting and you should get back to the speed. You should simply go through your run so that you can have maximum points in the game.
    In the first half of the run which is consist of first lap normally you should get a gain of 1 second for every single to 10 points of drift. Hence you should go for 50-80 point drifts so that you will be able to keep your timer running and try to drift if you got an opportunity to do the same.

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