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Thread: Unlocking the Secondary Infantry Weapons or items in Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

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    Unlocking the Secondary Infantry Weapons or items in Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

    I just brought this game from one of my friend and I must say that it is a pretty cool game with lots of new things to explore in it. so it is just the beginning that I am seeing in the game and in the process I can come across a lot of situations where I will have to ask you all lot of questions about this game please make sure you be patient enough to answer those questions. In this game what I had noticed was that when you go and press the z button as infantry in the spawn. I seem to get a lot of secondary slots and items out there, what are all they of course they are not accessible, but what should I do to unlock them and gain access. I also need to know what rank will we achieve if we unlock any one of the slots. So that’s my question for you all. What do you all have to say about the same. There might be a possibility that the way to unlock is quite simple but since I am a new gamer I may not be aware of that. So please bear with me and answer it out accordingly.

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    Re: Unlocking the Secondary Infantry Weapons or items in Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

    Hey nice to see that somebody opened up this topic even I was going to take up this topic out here. On pressing Z as infantry in spawn you will get to see a lot of tools such as repair tool, medkits, landmines and many other gadgets to choose from. For me I think this kind of weapons should be introduced in the game because what these weapons will do is that it will increase the survivability of those who want to do utility work. If you ask me what are all the utility work in the game then let me tell you they are a kind of extracurricular activities which will involve cleaning of the tanks, handling the machinery, repairing stuffs and all. So they can easily do such kind of activities along with the weapons they want and the other players in the battalion can go and fetch the enemy with any kind of weapons they want such as grenades, pistols and rifles. So having these weapons with us and playing the games would really be a good thing. One more thing I want to say is for unlocking the weapons. You have raised some query about will there be a increase in the rank once we unlock the weapons? The answer is yes its but obvious that for every weapons you unlock you would be getting a rise In the rank. Now I donít know if the developers are thinking the same way as of mine? I wonder what do you all have to say about the same. Donít you all think this should be introduced in the game as early as possible?

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    I agree with you but the problem is that they arenít enabled yet. Even I had the same thought in the mind about all these armors which are left to be unlocked. So thatís why I wrote a mail to the Radioactive software people about the same asking them to look into this. for which I got a mail from them other day where in a developer has clearly written that they are thinking about it and will soon be planning to enable the unlock. You might never know a DLC will be out of this game and they cant enable out there as well. this is just a blind guess that I am making on this donít know what are there in the brains of the developers. As of now I am enjoying this game the absence of all these weapons are felt somewhere but thatís ok. Hopefully waiting for a patch or a update on this game to get the weapons. So thatís all I wanted to say here.

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