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Thread: Ridge Racer: Unbounded is having weak AI

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    Ridge Racer: Unbounded is having weak AI

    as the title of thread saying what I am looking to ask you over here in this particular thread. This particular game Ridge Racer: Unbounded seems to be a great game. but I am bit concerned about the AI of the game. I found that PC version of game seems to be easy and it is really easy. But what about console version of the game? I came to know that it is bit difficult to play. Let me know if you are having any useful comments regarding AI. I am waiting for the prompt replies.

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    Re: Ridge Racer: Unbounded is having weak AI

    I think you are good in playing racing games. but there are lots of people who are saying that AI is not doing well at all. AI is not giving any kind of advantage even if you have used any kind of boost for couple of seconds .
    However if you compare AI of PC version and Console version then you will notice great difference between both of them. PC version seems to be bit easy than that of Console version. It seems to be most easy arcade game I have ever seen. I have almost completed the PC version. In some multi lap race I have completed the game 20 - 30 seconds prior to AI. For the PS3 version of the game I got that I need to replay the track several times so that can win. Another thing which I noticed with the PS3 version is that if youíre supposed to use a shortcut then AI will also use the same. so far I did not seen the same thing into the PC version of the game.

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    Re: Ridge Racer: Unbounded is having weak AI

    As far as I know AI is making use of opened destruction points. You will be positioned at 1st, 2nd or 3rd if you are aware of what you are doing. PC user will be able to beat AI really easily but still itís a great game. most of the races can be easily completed with the distance of 40 seconds. I was not able to complete only frags and sometimes I have missed out the same 1 or 2 frags for 3 stars. We know that this particular game is easy enough so there is need of hard difficulty level. So that the it would become quite difficult to beat AI. If it get happens then only we can get how far we can go.

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    Re: Ridge Racer: Unbounded is having weak AI

    Well in harder difficulty level or Expert level is added the AI should allow us to make use of City Targets as shortcuts. It does not necessary that once player has opened the same in the game. however if you using it then they should be into the range of shortcut and it should have full boost bar as well. there is need of reworking on AI as it supposed to spam the power. They are using the same once they have managed to get the same. it is also dependent on rubber-band system so that you will be able to catch your player if he is supposed to be first. Also it should teach if they are coming from the specifi distance of City Target so that they will be able to save power and make use of that power on the target. There is need of harder mode a players are getting less chances to use Targets to spam Power in order to get big lead while playing.

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