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Thread: Asari Justicar's Biotic Sphere in Mass Effect 3

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    Asari Justicar's Biotic Sphere in Mass Effect 3

    I currently recruited a Asari Justicar to my team in Mass Effect 3. From the amount of game that I have seen him playing, I think that he is an awesome team mate and is worth to keep for a long time. I viewed his upgrade options to see ‘Biotic Sphere’ as one of his powers. Can some tell me what it does and what its upgrades are? I have seen many other players online using its powers but never seen Biotic Sphere that is why I need help deciding if I should upgrade it or not.

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    Re: Asari Justicar's Biotic Sphere in Mass Effect 3

    The Biotic Sphere that is created by Asari Justicar creates a hemisphere that engulfs a certain area that provides damage bonus to the allies and friendly units that are in it. It lasts for 30 seconds in its first level and has recharge time of 2.22 seconds initially. On its rank 2, the recharge speed is reduced by 25%, that is, it is decreased to 2.03 seconds from 2.22 seconds. On upgrading it to rank 3, the total duration of the Biotic Sphere increases by 30%, that is, it increases from default time period of 30 seconds to 39 seconds. The fourth upgrade comes with a choice, you can select either of the two upgrades that suit you and your teams game style. The first upgrade provides a function which if used then you will need to keep all the allies within the sphere all the time it is active to have the recharge delay reduced by 15% before next recharge of the power. The second upgrade in rank 4 is to increase the radius of the sphere by 30%. So using this upgrade will increase the default radius of 3 meters to 3.90 meters. Again the rank 5 of Biotic Sphere gives you two choices. The first choice reduces the damage taken by your ally that is within the sphere by 10% and the second choice provides 15% increase in damage given to the enemies that come within the sphere. Similarly, the rank 6 upgrade of the Biotic Sphere too provides choice to the player to choose one out of two upgrades. The first upgrade provides decrease in amount of damage taken by allies in the sphere by 10% and also a 10% decrease in delay before the regeneration of the shield starts. The second option provides the player with Warp option. Using it will provide player to attack the enemies with the shield with Warp which will reduce their health by 50 for every second they stay in the shield. This Warp attack will also reduce the enemy’s armor by 25%. One can also set up a biotic detonation which will affect three enemies at a time.

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