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Old 17-04-2012
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The Carnifex Network for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer

I was playing Mass Effect 3 in multiplayer mode where I came across a term ?The Carnifex Network?. I found many gamers discussing about it in the game. I think that it is some sort of clan for online gaming which allows only elite Mass Effect 3 players to join in. I still haven?t got any clear idea about this so called ?The Carnifex Network?. Can someone tell me what it is and how to join it?
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Old 17-04-2012
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Re: The Carnifex Network for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer

?The Carnifex Network? is not a clan, it is not any group. Rather I?d say, it has nothing related to forming group or team. It is just a chat portal for all Mass Effect 3 gamers and enthusiast. You have to visit it and just chat along with the other players regarding the gameplay and other details related to game. You can seek advice or give advice to other player. You can share details about your game. You can also reveal you gaming name in multiplayer mode. I know many gamers mistook it for some clan or group related to Mass Effect 3, but it is not a clan. It is a social networking portal kind of thing meant for discussion.
Another thing you can do in the ?The Carnifex Network? is share your high score to get your level raised in the chat portal. The score that you have achieved in the gold map will only be considered for ranking. You need to post the screenshot of the final scoreboard of your game. Also there is a criterion in achieving the top score even in Gold map. One needs to complete the Wave 10 enemies, extraction is not needed. Also the ranks are dependent on the class of player you play with. I suggest you that you should try achieving the high score using players of different class every time. But also you should not use more than four classes as it will add difficulties for the administrators to keep record of a single player. You will get a reviewer?s score which you will need to upgrade the rank on ?The Carnifex Network?. On earning 30% of reviewer?s score, you will achieve the N1 rank. On completion of 50% of score, you will achieve N2 rank, similarly 70% will achieve N3 rank and 90% will get you N4 rank. 100% and above means that you have beat the reviewer?s score and you will get the N5 rank on the portal. The administrators are planning to add N6 and N7 ranks in future if they get enough crowds to increase the competition.
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