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Old 14-04-2012
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Guide for The Turian Sentinel in Mass Effect 3

This is really a very nice game that I have ever had played and the Turian is really very cool. In case you like to kill the reapers and do not afraid of any thing then I like to suggest that get a Turian Sentinel and enjoy with the biotic/techy buddies . just get started on this

the skill build is the Turian Nice guy. As many of you here knows that the Biotics and Engineers and mainly the Asaris and Quarians , well they need your assistance. Luckily following this you will be able to make the Turian Sentinel a tanky/support with the great AoE CC, good initiation, medium although thid can make him spammable DPS plus omni-range firing ability. It is quite capable of doing this on its own but with the ally coordination to detonate combos he just stand out. It is a bit more focused on the CC with Overload 6

  1. At the time of activation and Reduced Cooldown the Tech Armor will have greater than before Protection and Power
  2. Have the Warp with Aggravated Explosions as well as the 15% Increased DPS on target
  3. AoE, Stun, AoE , overload with it
  4. Turian Veteran will be with the Power and Capacity as well as increase in the Power and Reduced Rifle Weight
  5. Three points in Fitness

  1. This will have the same as above effect and the addition thing will be the stronger boss melting ability along with the Warp 6 instead and Overload 6


  1. The Uber tanky build.
  2. The three point on the Tech Armor
  3. Have the Warp with Aggravated Explosions as well as the 15% Increased DPS on target
  4. Well Overload through AoE, Stun, AoE or else anti-shield.
  5. Turian Veteran will be with the Power and Capacity as well as increase in the Power and Reduced Rifle Weight
The complete tank fitness

The Geth annihilation machine

The Tech Armor will be increase Protection and Power on Active and Reduced Cooldown
There will be nothing on the warp.
Overload through AoE, Stun, AoE or else anti-shield.
Turian Veteran will be with the Power and Capacity as well as increase in the Power and Reduced Rifle Weight
Total tank fitness

In case you are confused that why I am investing on the tech Armor and not the into weapon stability/bonus that the reason for that will be the Turian Sentinel is a Tank Caster. His over all kits is made around the Power and cooldowns along with the biotic and tech ability. That is well made designed class that can able to perform numerous roles. But people fails to see that as they every time go for the full-tank with no DPS or expect that they can be the Nukers. The Turian Sentinel's kit wont allow you that , that is only tuning in to the a ghetto-engineer or esmasculated Krogan. S o your class potential is wasted here as you try to do so . lets talks about the weapon


Falcon I-X, Vindicator I-X or Mattock I-X,
The Carnifex X is also available
Just do not be afraid of investing more credits on Veteran packs as the Vindicator and Mattock X are the changing weapons while you begin.

The Mods

The mod for the Falcon is Extended Magazine I-V and Extended Barrel I-V , The finest weapon to control the Crowd is the , allows the bouncing shots that increase the possibility to hit the unreachable target. This Is really awesome weapon turning your TS into a Spess Mehreen

The mod for the rifles is Extended Magazine I-V and Arpen Mod I-V, the Mattock is quite fairly precise as well as has close to the no recoil at the time used by a Turian, a single extensive clip be able to kill almost all enemies. The Saber is a reasonable upgrade, except will oblige you to lose the a Power Efficiency module .

The mod for the heavy pistol will be Extended Barrel I-V and Scope I-V and Carnifex/Paladin, don’t know what else ?

The Equipment:

Rifle Rail I-III and the Pistol Rail I-III. The Disruptor Ammo I-III will be used against the Geth / Warp Ammo I-III vs. the Reapers as well as Cerberus / Cryo Ammo I-III by Falcon. The Shield upgrade I-III otherwise Power upgrade I-III, Power efficiency I-III by the Falcon.

Role and Skill uses:
King of the all trade but not good on particular aspect . the Turian Sentinel with all this build can able to do everything like, CC initiate, kill precise target at far and near range. He can obvious weakness though he does spend too much of time on listening to the ladies that can really simple to keep away from being friend zoned all through quad-capture waves No, it’s not what you consider dear Krogan players. So he not able to duck and is not the most perfect character to confine objectives with owing to this short of moment .

Tech Armor

Well lot of the people don’t like the skills and even I have the same opinion on this that the Tech Armor is bit lacking for a “mechanic”, , but its still the best skill for me. The idea of this build is use the Tech Armor at all times. Well the 30% Damage reduction, 20% Power Increase and really awesome to get out of the jail explosion against Hunters/Pyros are extremely precious on Gold. although what concerning the horrifying weight debuff ? well that really don’t matter as you have the Tech Armor weight debuff reduction with the Weight plus the Power. The Reduced Rifle Weight perks by the Turian Veteran. It is possible to reach the 200% with the Vindicator, Mattock. The falcon will give in you 170%. Wearing the Vindicator and the Carnifex together will give 190% and with the Mattock and the Carnifex 170%

The Tech Armor add to your cool downs by a wretched 0,3 second what time specked for Weight.


Anti-Armor DoT is really very useful for killing the boss as they dependence on Armor, a Turian Sentinel by Warp Ammunition be able to inflict grave injuries to them with this debuff. You be able to spam it each two seconds or as a result even with Tech Armor on. however the most proper utilize of Warp is that of a fuse for your teammates to detonate their Biotic Explosions plus Tech Combos.

  • TS Warp to Vanguard Charges and the Nova = will create Explosion.
  • TS Warp to Adept Throws/Reaves will create the Explosion.

clean then do again while full lesser targets down with your weapon.

May be the strongest skill of the game at the moment. This will hit the multiple enemies and demolish their shield/barrier and stunning them alone with the correct perks when left over rather spammable. By having the Tech Armor Power improved as well as a Power Module, you will also able hit the stuff like the truck. And in case anybody make use of the Tech ability over you, it will activate a Tech Burst. If you rise it to the +100% Shield damage, you will right away strip
  • Centurions
  • Marauders
  • Rocket Troopers

And opening it to the flash freeze with your Falcon. Overload is OP, period.

Now the question come which target should TS prioritize

Well answer to that would be Shielded /Barrier using enemies, specially bosses. Just Overload to strip it . after that spam Warp to remain the debuff up ward and assist your squad to set off detonations, you be able to moreover put in your Rifle DPS ahead of it otherwise take out lesser enemies in the meantime. And in case you able to see the Phantom just spam Overload when pumping her face with the full of lead from cover. Overload with Shield harm add to and Falcon AoE it will be very short work of them for the reason that they can’t dodge .

Now TS teammate help me when stuff get bumpy
  • The fact that the Turian Sentinel is a nice guy he like to help other and listen you . just don’t waste the cool downs for combos and explosions just allow the Turian Sentinel Warp/Overload for you
How to help Turian Sentinel teammate?
  • All you have to do is to accept the fact that he is the nicest guy around and that will do it for you , it is as simple as it seem nothing can help accept for that

At what time play the Turian Sentinel
  • It is the time when your team is combo/glass canon heavy

  • The fact that the Tech Armor 30% damage reduction is kind of better although does not put together you invulnerable, you will just die in 5-6 Phantom talk-to-the-hand hits in place of 4. It is extremely helpful on Gold, although you know now that you should not just carry too far .
  • Well the Aiming tricks to take no notice of guardian's shield/cover ( search YouTube for this )
  • The True Turian Nice Guys will freeze the targets for their Quatrain Engineer associates
  • Drell Adepts are is not good they will , stealing your spotlight
  • See the Quarian Engineer's guide
  • See the A list of biotic and elemental (tech) combos
  • it was likely to set up that while TA did increase cool down, it was by a hardly evident .
  • Falcon's start politeness of RamsenC.
  • Check the Geth Engineer
  • Check the Information’s about enemies and weapons stats

please share your comment on this guide
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Old 14-04-2012
Join Date: Mar 2011
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Re: Guide for The Turian Sentinel in Mass Effect 3

Well I like to tell if I ma not wrong then the Tech Armor do not add to the weight , well it increase the cool down time by 50%.. but dose the weight decrease from the class skill line completely mitigate that? . I am not sure about the extra damage reduction is value losing the second half of the health line. The shield regen/extra shields might do extra for you than the injury reduction.. I will as well put in that Biotic Explosion damage but that depends on the skill rank used. Its perhaps will worth making Warp a rank 6, however that really deepens on the how often you consider you'll be playing with biotic
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Old 14-04-2012
Join Date: May 2011
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Re: Guide for The Turian Sentinel in Mass Effect 3

The armor weakening from Pierce is reasonably hmmm on behalf of me usually, however the TS is one category where it will create sense since you are doubtless to be carrying an AR. Then again, counting on the weapon you employ, it would be nearly obligatory on Gold. due to the method armor weakening works (affecting the flat DR that armor gets, that i feel is fifteen points on Bronze, thirty on silver, and fifty on gold), Pierce may be a pretty low-return investment if you do not play on Gold, or you employ a high-damage single-shot weapon, since its advantages scale for each issue and rapid-fire. That said, on gold, it may be an enormous bonus. i feel base warp will 25% armor weakening, with Pierce creating it five hundredth (someone correct me if i am off there). The Phaeston, Avenger, Vindicator, and Revenant therefore see injury will increase from around 100%-400% counting on that you employ, since such a big amount of of them can rather be all the way down to simply five points per shot with the 50-point DR. An Avenger X goes from doing five per shot to twenty three per shot; a basic Revenant goes from eight injury to thirty three. i would not suggest spending half-dozen points if you employ one thing just like the Falcon, where you merely very see a roughly 100 percent total injury increase (base injury 279 - fifty armor = 229, vs. base injury 279 - twenty five armor = 254), however it works very nicely with the total autos. One question, though--does the Pierce impact dissipate if your warp gets detonated? Takes alittle of the luster off if therefore, provided that it in all probability makes a lot of sense to encourage teammates to throw, reave, or charge your warps for max injury.
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Old 14-04-2012
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 1,674
Re: Guide for The Turian Sentinel in Mass Effect 3

I ended up promoting and re-leveling my TS with a 6/6/6/5/3 build (formerly 6/0/6/6/6) and am hell for leather loving it. i do not notice an enormous distinction in squishiness while not the last three ranks of Fitness, however then i do tend to play my guy as a lot of of a support gunner/caster than a front line tank. With a Vindy X or Mattock X i do not want Rank half-dozen of the passive talent - I will still hit 185% recharge and my talents are spammable as required. Hopefully i am going to keep improving at combos with the correct squad mates, instead of simply spamming overload to stun-lock the enemy. nice utility category which will complement biotics or techs and might dish out above-average dps on high of it.
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Old 14-04-2012
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Re: Guide for The Turian Sentinel in Mass Effect 3

I believe that the pierce debuff remains once the detonation, the enemy remains glowing, however simply will not go away more detonations. though i am wrong, having Rank half-dozen Warp within the event that it will get detonated may be a sensible factor. If it does not, then a Warp-Debuffed enemy and a Piercing Mod on the weapon means armor essentially is not there. i do not understand if the consequences are additive or multiplicative - if additive, then you are at a one hundred and fifteenth (65% + 50%) armor debuff once you mix a rank 5 weapon mod and a warp debuff, which means the enemy has NO armor reduction in the least. The enemy additionally takes 15 August 1945 a lot of weapon injury from the expose debuff, bringing even the Avenger X up to what...55 injury per shot? If multiplicative, then the fifty points of armor on gold is slow down to eight.75; i am going to assume it rounds to nine. that is forty one points per shot with any gun that deals a minimum of fifty five injury (due to the minimum five damage) - within the case of the Avenger X, you are still doing thirty-nine injury (45 w/ 15 August 1945 expose debuff) per bullet. that is unrelated to the fifty five injury from the on top of calculation, simply funny how the maths figured out there. Having said that, I believe you within the sense that Warp will feel a little underwhelming generally in terms of raw injury, I simply feel that if you are going to spec it in the least, spec it to six, and select the debuff.
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Old 16-04-2012
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Re: Guide for The Turian Sentinel in Mass Effect 3

Regarding tech armor, three ranks in tech armor gets you the majority of the sturdiness (when you would like it), and simply having tech armor means you will be able to escape from a banshee (you can really explode your armor throughout the banshee kill animation). losing the 2 hundredth power injury i personally do not see as a giant deal - the purpose of the ts is to lock stuff down and strip shields with overload, and debuff/prime stuff with warp. for overload, 20% a lot of base injury doesn't in any case to my information create a 2-cast protect into a 1-cast protect, and for warp, 2 hundredth a lot of injury does not facilitech armorte the debuff or the explosion, and therefore the injury of a private power on gold is ridiculously little compared to the combo detonations. and whereas i am harping on gold, i typically pug silver, and something that works on gold, works on silver. it will work on bronze too clearly, however will not feel as effective simply because pants-on-head retech armorrded techniques conjointly work on bronze which is able to get you boatmurdered on the other issue.
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